Four Ways To Incorporate Art In Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in the house to dress up. There are multiple focal points of the bathroom if you decorate it properly. There are also many different aspects that can be accessorized or dressed together. Not only do you have the colors on the walls but also the floors, counter tops, towels, curtains, shower tiles, hand cloths and toiletries items. It’s important to have an open mind when choosing art to put into the bathroom.

Nautical Theme
The first way to incorporate art into your bathroom is to incorporate a nautical theme. A nautical theme can consists of a blue pain, towels, hand clothes, accessories or even shower curtains. Then some pictures on the walls of light houses and sailboats.

A nautical theme is calm and relaxing. Another spin is to add blue candles, sea shells or other nautical accessories. Nautical themes can be tweaked incorporated into all aspects of the rest room. Light house figures can be placed on bathroom windowsills, shelves and counter tops.

Abstract Pieces
The second way to incorporate art into your bathroom is to use abstract art pieces in your cabinets and shelves. Figurines, candlestick holders, vases and other art pieces are a great way to decorate your bathroom.

Abstract bath salts canvases and other holders on the counter top is another great tip to bring art and design into your rest room. You can use pieces of various colors, sizes, shapes and even materials. Those that are handy can also make their own abstract pieces or canvases to place around the bathroom.

Wall Design
The third way to bring art and beauty into your bathroom is wall design. Wall design is easy, quick and cost efficient. Wall design consists of having patterns and art work painted or stenciled onto your wall. Stencils are cheap and can be purchased in home décor stores, retail stores or online sites.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Using a variety of colors and thickness can make for a beautiful sight to see. Floral patterns are often used in bathrooms and when done properly can be a focal point for a rest room. Designs can also be used on the walls in the form of pictures.

The fourth way is to put paintings on the wall. Paintings come in different colors, styles and sizes. They can be of places, people, geometric abstract, organic abstract, floral designs, etc. Geometric abstraction pictures are typically devoid of figures and objects.

Instead geometric shapes are combined with linear compositions to create beautiful masterpieces. Organic abstraction paintings use wavy and rounded edges that are typically found in nature. Colored paintings can be used or black and white depending on the color tone you have in your rest room.

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