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Get More Accomplished

Regardless of your age, your home or your job, chances are you’ve felt that there was never enough time to get everything you must get done let alone find the time to do what you love. Here are some key elements to help you find enough time to do everything.

What’s the Goal?

The whole process of managing one’s time more effectively begins by having goals. Without goals, there is no compelling reason to manage time efficiently (if you aren’t going anywhere, then there is really no hurry). If you don’t want to drift through life, make a list of both business and life goals. Write down what is most important to you. From family to finance, everyone has dreams.

The best way to make them a reality is by first identifying what they are. Once all those goals are written down, don’t put them away in a drawer, refer to this list regularly to inspire better time management. If you have challenges even creating such a list, engage the services of a life or business coach for a couple of sessions. These professionals can be very helpful for goal setting and keeping on track.

Time is of the Essence

As the cliche goes, time really is of the essence – it’s the one thing we can’t return, and can’t replace. But we can buy it, and we can maximize it.Once goals are in place, it’s easier to determine how to spend the time that you have.

Begin by keeping a daily time log in half hour increments. Each task should be written on the log when it occurs. If a phone call comes in, write it down. When the call ends, write down the next task attended to. Perhaps it will be servicing a client or following up on a project. Do the same thing for personal tasks such as meals, preparing for work, commuting, cleaning, exercise, socializing, playing and errands.

Time Review

At the end of the day, take a good look at the time log. You may be in for a shock at how much time is spent doing things that either could be avoided, consolidated or delegated. Make a list of all of the things that could be done later and one for things that could be eliminated entirely, for reference later.


Small businesses and “solopreneurs” need to maximize efficiency even more than others. Because they are more apt to multi-task, they are more prone to imbalances that can lead to poor health and unsuccessful businesses (for instance, forgoing exercise is not a long-term time saver).

Reviewing the time log should reveal a number of ways to be more productive at work. For example, you could engage outside help from a virtual assistant or using new software systems to manage data more effectively. Add up what your time is worth in dollars and balance that against what you can hire out for less per hour.

This is not an indulgence, your job as a business owner is to focus on your strengths, and to bring in others with different skills to help you.

Personal Time

Consider how to delegate some of the more mundane tasks, such as cleaning, laundry and shopping. For parents, hiring babysitters to get errands done more quickly can be useful. A cleaning person can help save far more time than the funds paid for their services.

Grocery delivery will save time and money.  Consider all the outside assistance you can get some help is specific, like getting a business coach through the Noomii business coach directory to finding a dog walker through Yelp.

Every solopreneur should have goals, learn how to eliminate unnecessary tasks and delegate as much as possible. That is the way to manage time in the most advantageous way, for the best success possible, and to get more done.

Catharine Bramkamp gets enough teaching, coaching and writing done to keep all her clients up in the air. If she needed more help she’d tap into Noomii business coach directory to find the right coach for the right challenge in her life. Right now she’s on the look out for a time machine. It’s not listed in any directory she’s found so far.



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