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Body language and communication skills are everything in life.  Learning the right skills in these areas has really helped me to get ahead in both my personal and professional life.

Too many times in the past I knew what I wanted to achieve but kept getting knocked back by others.  Since completing presentation skills training courses though I have learned some very valuable lessons about communicating with others and speaking in public.  This has really helped me to go for what I want in life and achieve my professional and personal goals.

The Value of Communication

Some people are naturally better at communicating with others.  They have an instinctive way of reading people and understanding the best way to communicate certain issues.  I worked with a colleague once who had a real knack of getting his point across confidentially and convincingly.  He was not always right but the way he communicated things enabled him to lead the group and get everyone working together effectively.  I always envied this talent and the way it helped him move forward in his career.

When I complimented him one day on his people skills he admitted that only a few years ago he had suffered very badly from nerves.  This had made it very difficult for him to deal with confrontations and public speaking and had held him back in his career.  However a friend had suggested communication and presentation skills training courses to him.

These had really helped him to develop his confidence and build on his communication and body language skills.   Since taking presentation skills training courses he had felt both physically and mentally more able to deal with individuals and groups of people.  He no longer feared public speaking or confrontation and had seen the positive effects this had had on his career and personal relationships in just a few years.

Communicating for Life

After hearing this positive tale I became really interested in communication and presentation skills training myself.  I looked into these types of courses online and realized they were widely available.  I have often felt held back in my career and personal life because I felt too shy or fearful about speaking my mind and putting myself forward.  I was determined to no longer let this prevent me from achieving my goals and so booked presentation skills training straight away.

  • I wasn’t expecting any instant miracles and realized that building confidence in communication and body language was a step-by-step process.
  • However I was impressed with how many valuable tips the first presentation skills training course I attended gave me.
  • I felt more confident straight away as the course covered ways to create speeches and presentations appropriate to the type of situations you may find yourself speaking in.
  • This was ideal for both my personal and professional life and I learned how to distinguish between formal and informal communication and the benefits of each.
  • I also learned how important it was to research and get your facts right before speaking to others.  This helps to establish authority and communicate to others that you really know what you are talking about.
  • It also helps you to deliver a convincing argument as your words will have the ring of authenticity and truthfulness about them if you really know the subject you are speaking about.
  • Before when speaking to others I didn’t feel confident enough to hold their gaze and often looked down and mumbled when I spoke.
  • Since taking the course though I have learned some valuable lessons about convincing others by putting my views across confidently and making sure I enunciate my words clearly and use my eyes and body language to ensure my message is communicated.

Presentation skills training has been invaluable to both my personal and professional life.  These courses have taught me valuable lessons in confidence and effective communication and helped me to achieve respect and success in both informal and formal situations.

This is a guest post.  If you want to get more respect in your personal and professional life then presentation skills training can help you.  This training has enabled me to present a more professional and authoritative image and achieve the respect I deserve in my life both at work and home.

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