Glasses – the Dolce & Gabbana Collection

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Glasses – the Dolce & Gabbana collection stock a range of designer glasses from a variety of high-end brands. This article, focussing on Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana, is the latest in a series of articles we’re writing to showcase the selections.

Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana has long been associated with some of the most stylish clothes and accessory lines in the world. The brand burst onto the international fashion scene in the mid 1980s with its women’s wear line, and has since gone on to extend its brand into multiple areas. From underwear to perfume and urban collections, the Dolce & Gabbana brand is distinguished by its elegant and high quality, professional style and this now extends to the world of eyewear.

Everyday and Business Wear

The popularity of the Dolce & Gabbana branded glasses range is down to the versatile designs that are suitable for everyday wear as well as part of formal and business outfits.

These casual, but still stylish glasses include 1199 1674 Maude Shaded types with oval frames, as well as 1199 501 Black designs. The oval shape of these acetate glasses helps to create a more relaxed look, which can work well in the office, and as part of an everyday style.


Most Dolce & Gabbana glasses tend to be designed with both men and women in mind, with particularly popular examples including the 1211 502 Havana style, and its complement, the 1203 814 Dark Havana type. These glasses tend to be rectangular shaped, and use acetate plastic.

More unusually styled 1203 1767 Grey Ice glasses provide some additional design touches. These glasses represent particularly impressive examples of designer eyewear through their translucent acetate temples, and transparent striped grey finishes.

Classic Italian Elegance

More stylised Dolce & Gabbana glasses are also available, and are recommended for either work wear, or as additions to vintage outfits. Glasses like the 3090 695 design notably extend some of the most iconic features of the D & G brand through the use of leopard print styles for their arms. These glasses are similarly produced to showcase the quality of the Dolce & Gabbana brand through the imprinting of the company’s logo on the temples.

More Specific Styles and Options

While most Dolce & Gabbana glasses are produced using acetate plastic, and accessible in unisex styles, some are also made in more resilient metals. These glasses include graphite patterns for the temples and spring hinges. Semi-rimless rectangular glasses like the 5104 1071 design use these features to create a long lasting style that is particularly ideal for male wearers.

This is a guest post.  The range of Dolce & Gabbana glasses include unisex styles that are primarily represented by high quality plastic and metal designs. These frames offer simple but striking styles that are ideal for everyday wear and more formal business purposes.


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