Got Gas? Hurricane Sandy Causes Tri-State Gas Shortage

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Global Gas Station on Cross St Norwalk CT

Norwalk, CT – November 4, 2012.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, thousands of Tri-State area residents are suffering in more ways than one.  Stories of damaged homes, flooded cars, power outages and even lost lives are increasing as the days go by.  One particularly trying aspect in the Sandy aftermath, is the gas shortage.

While driving down Connecticut Ave (the Boston Post Road) in Norwalk, CT, cars can be seen forming lines from main and side streets, waiting their turn to pull into a gas station.  At some stations, there are more cars with license plates from New York and New Jersey than local blue and white Connecticut tags.

New York residents from the Bronx, New Rochelle and Westchester County – which is just over the New York State line – maneuver their vehicles into tight spots in order to pump gas.  They fill their gas tanks along with two, sometimes three canisters to take back with them.

One particular BP gas station was inundated with customers due to their location.  They are directly off Exit 14 northbound from I-95.  Employees of the gas station were in the street directing drivers to lanes, taking cash and helping patrons pump gas to speed up the process.  Less than three hours later, they ran out of gas.

So what happened?  Why the big deal with gas all of a sudden?  Why the gas shortage? There are a few scenarios that led to this gas shortage.

Because many families are currently without electricity, they rely on gasoline to fuel the generators in their homes.  These generators can use up to 1/2 a gallon of gas per hour depending on usage.

Even though most of the Tri-State area was shut down from Monday through Wednesday, many residents did not fill their gas tanks prior to the storm.  With so many people buying gas to fuel their generators, those individuals who just need gas for their cars are now panicking when they find gas stations that have run out of gas.

Another factor in the gas shortage, is the inability of gas tanks to reach the local gas stations.  Due to the flooding and damage from Hurricane Sandy, parts of major highways, bridges, tunnels and local roads were closed for three days.  When gas stations run out of gas and cannot get more in a timely fashion, they have no choice but to turn away business.  This is the case with the Shell station on East Ave off Exit 16 in Norwalk.

On Saturday at noon, New Jersey began enforcing a gas rationing system.  Drivers with license plates ending in even numbers will be allowed to buy gas on even-numbered days, and those with plates ending in odd numbers will be able to purchase gas on odd-numbered days.

Free Gas Fueling Station in Queens, NY

In light of the fuel crisis, President Obama has authorized military refueling trucks to provide gas directly to residents throughout New York City and Long Island.  NYC drivers are able to fill their vehicles and canisters for free, with a 10 gallon limit.

Bronx: 10 West 195th Street
Brooklyn: 1579 Bedford Ave
Long Island: 63 Babylon Turnpike in Freeport, NY
Queens: 93-05 160th St in Jamaica
Staten Island: 321 Manor Road

Residents already living under uncomfortable circumstances with no electricity are also losing their patience as tempers fly at the busy gas stations and fueling locations.  According to NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, resolving the gas shortage could take days.  The city is working fervently to restore all stations and hopes to have everyone up and running by mid week.

Current average gas prices for the Tri-State area are $3.865 in CT, $3.571 in NJ and $3.939 in NYC.


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