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While homeowners can execute many of the home improvements around the house, some should be left to the professionals, especially when a good deal of skill and training are required and the raw materials are expensive.¬†Replacing windows falls under these guidelines because they’re an expensive investment and require a good deal of skill to install. Using a window replacement company is the smart course of action.

Other projects, like heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems fall under these guidelines as well, as do many kinds of flooring and roofing projects.

HVAC Systems

A new HVAC system requires a great deal of skill and knowledge to replace. In fact, nearly all manufacturers of these systems require that a licensed contractor install them. Additionally, each state in the U.S. requires licensing and continuing education for HVAC contractors and the employees who work with the equipment. These systems use high voltages and refrigerants that have varying levels of toxicity to humans and the environment. Not using a licensed contractor can result in voided warranties and even stiff fines for handling refrigerant without a license.


Flooring is another high ticket item that may require a professional, especially for durable flooring like tile, hardwood and carpet installation. Surface preparation is important and the techniques and materials vary by the type of base flooring and the type of floor being installed. Not properly preparing the subfloor can result in a shorter product life. Certain details also need to be tended to, for instance, a flexible product like carpet needs to be stretched tight so no wrinkles or folds occur.

Window Replacement

Getting new windows for your home can save you money in the long term because old, inefficient windows let a lot of heat in and out through the glass and from leaks. Existing homes often settle which makes it difficult to install new windows that are perfectly square. Settling occurs when the existing openings have warped and is prevalent in older homes. Windows that don’t fit perfectly let in air or water, may not open and close easily, and the glass can break creating an element of danger. Considering the cost of new windows and the damage to your structure from water damage, using a window replacement company for the project makes economic sense.


All homes need new roofs at some point and if yours does during the time you own your home, having a licensed contractor do the job for you makes a lot of sense. Your roof keeps your attic and the rest of the house dry, and the damage that moisture creates and the costs to fix it can be substantial. Reroofing is also a risky project, since falling is a real danger. It’s best to rely on a professional roofing contractor to do the hard work for you.


This is a guest post. ¬† Mercedes Potter is all about DIY home projects, but some are just better to leave to the pro’s. Follow her @CedesPotter to read other blog posts on home improvements.


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