How Different Generations Consume News And Entertainment

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Different GenerationsMedia and has been influential in people’s lives since the radio first came on the scene.

However, the rise of the Internet smashed the doors of traditional media in ways no one could have imagined.

What follows is a generation-by-generation look at media consumption—radio, internet, and all—according to a recent Scarborough Research study on media consumption statistics.

The Silent Generation
Generally, people over the age of 65 who are retired and spend a lot of time at home can be identified as the “Silent Generation.” Most people in this group read the newspaper, something you might expect. You might also expect that this demographic rarely goes online for news.

In fact, only 11% of those surveyed on their media consumption visited a TV or newspaper website in the last 30 days. This group is 10% more likely to subscribe to cable and 63% of Silent Generation households own a high-definition TV.

Baby Boomers
People in their mid-40s to about 65 who were born after the end of World War II are generally considered “Baby Boomers.” Many people in this generation lived a significant portion of their lives before the rise of the Internet and personal computers.

Thus, this group usually gains access to media and entertainment through radio and newspapers. However, neither media is always consumed in the traditional sense. Boomers are 14% more likely to listen to satellite radio in a week’s time than other adults and 10% use mobile devices to access news information.

Generation X
The people within Generation X are between the ages of 30 and 44. Scarborough Research found that GenXers typically read news online as opposed to print versions of newspapers and that they are 28% more likely than other adults to visit a news website in a week’s time.

GenXers are also much more likely to use video-on-demand devices to watch television programs and movies via the web.  In fact, this group is 26% more likely to watch a movie online in a month’s time.

Millennials are the population born past the mid-1980s who grew up with technological advances, especially the computer and the Internet. Millennials are interested in news and media just like their older counterparts, but consumption varies greatly.

For instance, Millennials are 42% more likely to live in a household with a TV and are twice as likely to watch television or movies on the Internet. Millennials do read the news, but don’t ask them to pick up a hard copy.

Thirty-five percent of those surveyed had visited a news website in the last month and 20% used their phones or other mobile device to read news.

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