How Does Clutter Affect Your Stress Levels?

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Home organization can often be the bane of an existence. While some people are born with the gift of organization and thrive on creating order from chaos, others simply consider it a necessary chore. You may be tempted to simply throw up your hands and let clutter reign. However, there are several reasons why this shouldn’t be done. A cluttered room can affect stress levels in several ways.

Less light can make a room dark and depressing

A cluttered room means that any light flowing in is obstructed by the objects that fill the room. This can make a room dark. Over time, living in a dark and cluttered environment can result in depression. For people who already have seasonal affective disorder, the lack of sunlight caused by a cluttered room can make it worse.

Clutter makes it harder to find things

A cluttered room usually means that you must search through piles of items in order to find anything. This makes life infinitely more challenging, since the simplest task means extra minutes searching. This time could be better spent in productive or relaxing activity.

The inability to entertain company reduces friendships.

When a house is messy, inviting people over becomes a stressful situation. Having to have a major cleaning and organizing session before every get together may make having friends over seem more trouble than it’s worth. An individual may simply stop inviting people to their home. In return, they may be invited over less frequently. This results in a loss of relationships that can increase stress levels.

The simple ownership of things means time and effort spent on maintenance.

Often, one spends hours working so that they may purchase items, only to spend more hours maintaining those purchases. A homeowner may spend an entire Saturday organizing a garage, instead of spending time with family or doing something that they enjoy. A few days later, the garage may be in the same cluttered state. The sense of futility that results only increases the stress.

That stress could mean good news

The fact that clutter may be contributing to your stress levels can be good news. Clearing clutter may be one of the easiest stress inducers to control. The steps in removing clutter can contribute to peace of mind. Discarding unneeded items can be a renewing experience. Organizing items can bring clarity and focus. Finally, the finished project can bring peace and tranquility, making your home a haven from the daily stresses of everyday life.

Peter Wendt is a writer from Austin, TX. He hates clutter, though it didn’t seem to bother his ex-wife. When things get out of hand in his home, he always calls this company for help.


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