How Eyes Can Express The Unspoken Words

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It’s a common theory that our eyes give away much of what we are thinking, becoming a key component in overall body language which lead to the famous expression of ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’, which has directed much mystic and debate into just how much our eyes may reveal about our thoughts, emotions and even personality.

Specific Gestures

They say actions speak louder than words, and even without any form of verbal communication, the eyes can reveal much about what a person is really thinking if you know what to look for. A simple glance or roll of the eyes can be enough to spark an emotional reaction from someone, whether it to be laugh at an observation or as a sign or approval or disapproval at something being said.

For example, when a person looks up or beyond the area directly in front of them, it will often mean they are deep in thought, becoming a visual cue for the rapid speed of the brain in attempting to obtain the correct information for vocal expression, such as a singer at a concert looking well past the crowd in search of that final line in the chorus. While looking up may simply be a sign of memory recall, a visual cue in a police interview room of someone potentially lying can be if they rapidly look to one side or the other after being asked a probing question, and is a notorious sign for someone not telling the truth.

Culture Differences and Attraction

Different bodily gestures mean different things to varying groups of people, such as the far eastern interpretation of lengthy eye contact being considered rude, whereas in western culture looking down or away from someone during conversation may be considered indignant, or even show particularly personality traits such as shyness if done repetitively, particularly around someone of the opposite gender they are attracted to.

‘Doe-Eyes’ is often the term used to describe when someone’s pupils enlarge and the eyes soften as they look at someone they desire, although perhaps less exciting for some, can also be attributed to dark lighting conditions.

Length of Eye Contact and Exaggerated Eye Movements

It will be clear when you have made a conversation faux pas, as the person in earshot of your words will likely quickly look away if insulted or embarrassed, while looking at someone for a long period of time can often seem appear overly intimidating, unless we need to pay close attention to what someone is saying, whereby appearing interested may well be required!
Clear eye movements can often replace words and meanings in certain situations, such as the popular wink of understanding, or closing your eyes which often indicates feelings of fear or distress, unless trying to get to sleep of course.

These examples are defining of everyone’s personal expressions, although they provide many general indications for how someone’s may be feeling, so next time it may prove interesting to study the eyes of another person to gauge any potential hiding meanings in a situation, although remember not to overdo things as staring will often appear rude!

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