How Much Fun Can You Have In A Photobooth

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photo boothGetting the balance of entertainment right when you are throwing a party can be tricky. You want to involve everyone in the event, but you don’t want to force them into the limelight if they are shy.

This is why a lot of people don’t want magicians or other acts that encourage audience participation at their parties. A photo booth is the ultimate addition as people can go up and get their picture taken whenever they like with no pressure.

Here are some of the other ways you can have lots of fun using a photo booth.

Use props for your photos!

Part of the idea of using a photo booth is to get into the spirit of fun and use some of the props that will be provided. These include various hats – some novelty, some more traditional – feather boas, oversized glasses, telephones, moustaches, dressing up outfits and more. Visitors to the booth can choose what they want to wear from a display and then jump in the booth for fun.

Props add a further dimension to the photos and as soon as everyone starts seeing the results there will be a queue to try it out! They are fast and easy to put on and take off and with plenty of choice available you can create lots of wild and crazy looks for the photos.

Kids love them, adults love them

The beauty of a photobooth is that almost everyone is happy to get their picture taken in them. Kids love to get dressed up and mess around and so do the adults. Most photobooths that are available for hire can easily fit 3-4 people inside so you can all cram in for some funny group shots.

The people who are running the booth will be able to guide guests so that the photos are fantastic and make sure everyone involved is having a good time.

Having a form of entertainment that is suitable for all ages is a definite bonus for the party hosts as it not only makes life easier but also saves money for them. Kids can go and have their pics taken in groups and the excitement they get from choosing props and piling in with their friends will be simply contagious. It’s hard not to have a good time when there is a photobooth at a party.

Have a laugh

Letting your hair down and having a laugh makes a party even more enjoyable and a photobooth will certainly help you to make your guests happy. As soon as the first sets of photos start to be shown round more and more willing participants will be queuing up to have theirs taken. As the actual photography part of the process takes just mere moments no one will be waiting for very long to get their own photobooth pics.

Photobooth pictures can make wonderful keepsakes

Keepsake photos to treasure

Being able to take a strip of your photo booth pictures home with you really adds the icing on the cake to any occasion. Forget about the usual dull and boring photos that you will get from most social occasions and say hello to fun pics that will become keepsakes.

The look of the images is based on the traditional photo booth strips of pictures that everyone will be familiar with. However, instead of the sides of the photos being plain white they will be printed with the occasion that the booth was hired for and the date.


As soon as you see the kind of photos that you can get from a photo booth you will fall in love with the idea of hiring one. They are fast to set up, great for all of the family, suitable for most types of party and they bring everyone together. This is a modern form of entertainment for parties which is growing in popularity all of the time and it’s easy to see why.

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