How Music Can Enhance Your Life

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Woman With HeadphonesMusic is one of life’s greatest joys.

Countless monumental moments throughout history have been, expressed, documented, and retold through music.

Music allows us to express what we may be able to with words.

Try to imagine what your favorite movie would sound like if there were no soundtrack to it.

When done right, music has the ability to convey emotions we never could with words.

It is powerful enough to make us weep, or to bring us back to distant memories that we rarely think about. But perhaps, the biggest joy of music is that you can learn to play it.

Creating music is a wonderful endeavor. When you learn an instrument you unlock an entirely new world. But besides the aesthetic qualities of music there are a number of benefits that come from playing music.

Some of the Perks

Learning an instrument is a lot like learning a new language.  It in order to communicate thoroughly with your instrument you have to be fluent. This is a good thing because when you first start learning an instrument there is a huge learning curve.

You will begin to catch on very quickly. That being said, music has the power to increase your memory. In playing and creating music you may work part of your brain that hasn’t been exercised in a while. You have to put together a series of melody, rhythm, and time in order to create a finished product.

This is a lot of things happening at once and your brain will be strengthened by it. Music also provides an outlet for you. Music can be one of the most emotionally healthy things you can do for yourself. It may sound strange but in many ways your instrument can become a friend to you.

Often times when you look back over life you realize how music had a healing effect on you when times were hard. Learning to play an instrument is no different, and perhaps even more powerful. Also, music allows you to connect to hundreds of different people you might not have otherwise.

Music is a universal language, and no matter who you are, or where you came from, if two musicians are in a room together then they are bound to connect. By playing music you will find that you have a lot more in common with people than that might have originally thought.

Closing Thoughts

From gospel piano to classical guitar, music is a powerful communicator. It brings us back to distant memories, or allows us to recall very particular moments in our life.

It moves us when we listen to it. It calms us when we are familiar with it. By learning to play in instrument you have the ability to participate in one of life’s greatest gifts. Not only that, but you can add your piece of music to history.

If you were to start learning an instrument today, would be embarking on a lifelong endeavor, one you are sure to not regret.

B. Harris resides in California where he earned a B.A. degree in general communications.  He supports organizations like Play by Hear through his writing.  


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