How to Avoid Speeding Tickets

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There are tons of people in the world who seem to have a need for speed. Many of these people get behind the wheel and don’t pay much attention to the signs with the speed limit on them. These people go at the speed they feel is appropriate and often times find themselves with flashing lights behind them.

At that point in time, red, white and blue no longer mean freedom, but instead mean that they will be getting a speeding ticket. After so long, speeding tickets add points on a driver’s license and if too many are accrued, the license will be suspended. If avoiding a speeding ticket sounds like a good idea, here is how it can be done easily.

What You Can Do

The first thing that you can do if you are someone that is looking to avoid a speeding ticket is to drive close to the same speed as everyone who is driving around you. You will want to stay within five to ten miles of what they are driving. That way you will blend in and you will not be noticed or targeted. You will always want to stay in the middle of the pack when you are driving. This means that you will not want to be the leader of the pack or the first car travelling down the road and you will not want to be the last either.

You will want to stay right in the middle so if one of the cars trips a cop’s radar, it isn’t you. You will not want to be someone who lane weaves either. Stay in one lane. If you do have to lane change, be sure to be polite about it and use your turn signals. Only do it when it is necessary. You also will not want to tailgate. Next, when you are driving, do not get in the fast lane. That is just asking for trouble and will make you want to speed to keep up with other cars.

Even if someone is not going as fast as you think they should be, just stay behind them. You are actually safer that way. Finally, look for road cutouts where cops may be hiding out. They come up every few miles so you will have time to take a look and slow down if you need to and you see a cop.

It may be fun to drive a fast car, but let’s be honest. It is not fun to get a speeding ticket or points on your license and it’s surely not fun to hand over your hard earned money to the state just because you had to go faster than the speed limit. There are many ways that you can avoid getting picked up by a cop for speeding and these are just a few. If you keep these pointers in mind while you drive, you will be less likely to get a ticket and you’ll be keeping those points off your record!

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