How to Be Confident

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Do you know how to be confident? Recently, I had a conversation with my sister about confidence.  We discussed what was present in some individuals and absent in others that determined their confidence level.

With the increasing number of bullying cases, it’s clear that many of us don’t have the confidence we need to overcome the taunts and harassment of our peers.  Here are two things to always keep in mind throughout your life’s journey.

  •  At the end of the day, it really only matters that you are happy with who you are.
  • The majority of people who pick on, mock or torment you have more problems within themselves than you can imagine.  From a psychological standpoint, it is often discovered that bullies are envious in some way of their target.  Additionally, there could be something about you that they admire or that reminds them of something they dislike about themselves.

With that being said, let’s take a look at ten steps that will teach you how to be confident.

  • Take care of yourself inside and out.  This means be protective of your emotions and to what you subject yourself. Take care of your health by exercising and eating right.  Take pride in your appearance. Dress appropriately in a fashion that makes you look and feel good.
  • Be proud of your individuality. Know that there is no one else on the planet uniquely like you.  Value yourself, your abilities, your charm, your personality and your good qualities. Create a list of all (yes all) your positive qualities and look at them every day.  Find your passion and make it a reality. LOVE yourself unconditionally and remember that you are human. Go to the mirror right now and say out loud, I like you.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Did you smile?
  • Exude confidence. Practice good posture, walk straight with your head up, make eye contact when communicating and maintain a calm demeanor, speak up and speak clearly.
  • Keep good company. Surround yourself with positive people, encouraging people, like minded people and people who are the same if it’s just the two of you or a group of people.  Friends who are haters, attack you, only make negative comments or compete with you aren’t really your friends.
  • Get over yourself. Don’t be self centered, self serving, or an opportunist. Genuinely compliment other people without flattering them.  Learn to take criticism and understand that it’s okay to have a different opinion unlike your friends or family.
  • Use positive affirmations.  I can do this.  Look for the bright side in every situation. Understand that life is not perfect but your reaction to bad situations will make or break you.  Know your strengths and your weaknesses.
  • Stand up for yourself. Don’t let other people use you as a door mat or a punching bag.  Learn how to say no in manner that is tactful and firm.
  • Read and build your vocabulary.  The more you know, the more confident you will feel speaking in public settings and the more knowledgeable you will be.
  • Be humble, respectful, accept compliments gracefully, be grateful, be honest (the truth, no matter how awful, ensures you have nothing to hide) and practice making decisions based on integrity to stay grounded.
  •  Have faith.  Trust your instincts. Believe in yourself. Expect great things for your life.  Search diligently for that special, amazing life that you deserve.

I hope those ten steps will help you become the confident, incredible person you were born to be.  What are some ways that you build your confidence or the confidence of others?  Share your tips in the comment box below.



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