How To Feel Good About Yourself

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self-imageMost of us at some time probably wish that we were somebody else. It is certainly tempting when every time we turn on the TV, we are made aware of the beautiful people living the most wonderful lives. Or, are they?

The chances are that even the most beautiful and wealthy people suffer from insecurities and often depression too. This is often linked in with their self worth and may be caused by their features changing as they get older.

Although it can be good to know that we are not alone in our insecurities, they can be debilitating nonetheless if we let them run away with us. But, what can we do about this? Can we really change who we actually are?

Some psychologists argue that rather than focus on who we would like to be, we should simply accept who we actually are and love ourselves just for that. This is all very well and there is a lot of virtue in that argument, but if the means are there for self improvement, shouldn’t we go for it if that is really what we want.

Imagine a scenario of someone who has perhaps been married or in a long term relationship for a long time. Whilst initially, they probably made every effort to look great, as time goes by and the relationship becomes more comfortable, it can be easier to throw on an old jumper rather than spending time on selecting more glamorous attire.

This is great when couples are deeply in love and relaxed with each other but if and when the relationship ends, we often find ourselves a completely different person at the end, and most likely one that will struggle to attract a new partner when we are ready.

So rather than accepting what the psychologists above argued, what are some simple tips to spruce yourself up and feel good about yourself so that others will too?


The first thing to do is to renew your wardrobe. Sometimes it is best not to do this immediately as you may make rash decisions but after a while you will feel able to choose new clothes which suit you. Simply by doing this, we can start to feel our confidence coming back.


There is a good chance that our hair has been put on the backburner so a visit to the hairdresser will certainly give us a boost. You could also use this as a new start for yourself by having your hair cut very short or even dyed a different colour depending on how brave you are.

Facial Rejuvenation

Visit a specialist who will offer you advice on how to tone your skin and maybe offer a skin peel or botox to make you look younger again.


Give your teeth a boost so that you feel confident when you smile. Dentists now offer a wide range of treatments from tooth whitening to dental implants.

This can also be a good time to take a look at your diet and fitness and revamp those a bit too. With some or all of the above changes, you should feel like a new person and nearly certainly one that feels happier in their own skin.

Ann Smart is a relationship advisor, offering women who are newly out of relationships, ways to feel good about themselves. She admits that the hardest tip suggested above for most people is the visit to a dentist. Few actually follow this part up which she feels is a shame as a smile is so important when dating.

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