How to Get the Perfectly Fitted Suit

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From choosing something off the peg to having a beautifully tailored suit made for you, in or out of the office, there’s definitely an art to choosing a perfectly fitting suit.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the perfectly fitted suit then follow these few simple rules for young and old alike.

The first step in choosing a great suit is to make sure it’s made properly. And let’s face it, if you’re paying hundreds or even thousands of pounds for a suit then you want to be sure of the quality. You’ll need to make sure (ask if you’re not) that’s it is hand-stitched and fully canvassed. Don’t buy a suit that’s been glued (technical term: fused) or semi-canvassed. It just won’t last as long and definitely won’t look as good.

So when you’ve found your suit, your next port of call is fitted shirts. Men’s fitted shirts are easy to get wrong. Men’s fitted shirts are sized by the neck measurement. But two guys with the same neck measurement can have very different waist measurements!

This can often leave smaller proportioned men looking life they’re wearing a nightshirt! The golden rule for men’s fitted shirts? Don’t just grab ‘your size’. Take time to try a range of sizes and styles to find the one with the best ft for you.

If you can, use a tailor. It’s perfectly ok to buy off the rack in a high street store. You’ll only have to worry about the shoulders, length, and torso fit. But if you want a truly special suit that fits your proportions perfectly – and trust us, it’s worth it – then take your purchase to a tailor to have it fitted to you like a second skin. You really will look your absolute best in a tailored suit.

Choose your suit for the role you need it to play. So for example, don’t go for a fine fabric if you need an everyday work suit. It will quickly look shabby and do nothing for your professional image!

Now, we can’t stress this next one enough; wear the right trousers. Please. Trousers should fit over your shoes for a crisp, clean look. The ‘guardsman’ cut is hemmed higher at the front, by about an inch, so that the trousers don’t bunch but still cover the shoes at the back. If you’re one for indulging in the finer things in life, by this we mean delicious food and sumptuous wine – then go for a higher cut. It will give you an elongated and elegant silhouette.

Never… ever…wear more than three colours in your suit shirt and tie. You can go for contrasting colours or wear three shades of the same colour. Just stick to the rule of three and you can’t go wrong.

From tailored suits to men’s fitted shirts, we hope you’re now ready to find your perfectly fitted suit!

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