How To Get The Smell Of Seafood Off Your Hands

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washing-handsWhether you are preparing fish or you’re eating a lovely dinner of lobster and shrimp, that smell can be rather atrocious, especially when it lingers on for awhile. How can you get the smell off of your hands?

Scrub Your Hands

You need to give your hands a vigorous washing, and this is especially true if you have just handled raw seafood. You do not want diseases on your hands, and you do not want to contaminate other food that you touch. Therefore, it is necessary to use an antibacterial soap and to scrub your hands clean of the smell. If this does not work, you’ll need to employ some other techniques.

Using Scented Hand Lotion

If you’re really in a bind and you just need to cover up the smell for awhile, use some scented hand lotion. Try to opt for gentler smells, or you might wind up with hands that smell like a warm apple pie fell on top of a fillet of sole. Remember though, lotions do not necessarily get rid of the smell; they just cover the smell up for a temporary amount of time. Keep the hand lotion in your bag, and keep alternating between scrubbing and putting on lotion until the smell has completely gone away.

Take a Shower

When you are dealing with particularly stinky fish, washing your hands in the sink might not be enough. If you have the time to do so and are at home, hop on into the shower. The act of washing your hair and having your hands swept up in a sea of shampoo and body wash bubbles can really help to eliminate that smell. Of course, you don’t want to transfer slimy fish goop to other parts of your body, so wash off any remnants of the fish before you wash your hair, arms, legs and so forth. A shower is also an excellent idea if the seafood has dripped all over your face while you were eating!

Home Remedies

Sometimes, that fish smell will just not go away. Try cutting up a lemon or a lime and rubbing it all over your hands to eliminate the fish smell. Eve some lemon or lime juice could help if you do not have fresh fruits in your house; use the juice in the same way that you would use soap. You could also try washing your hands with a shampoo to eliminate the smell. Whatever you use, you will likely want to put on hand lotion afterwards. You do not want your skin to become all dry and cracked before of the juice or shampoo.

Don’t panic the next time you have that terrible seafood smell on your hands. Plenty of ways exist that you can get rid of it. If you’re going to be out, bring some hand sanitizer or hand lotion along, or just avoid eating a smelly meal!

This is a guest post.  Holly is a Chef at Flying Fish Restaurant in Sydney, Australia who has been battling with getting the smell of seafood off her hands for years. Here are some of her top tips to beat that fishy smell for good!

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