How to Help Your Youth Group Raise Awareness

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Today all across the United States, many churches of all different faiths have youth ministries and youth groups whose aims are to strengthen and educate the young members of their church.

Most of these groups meet before or after the main church service, on other nights of the week, or sometimes even help lead contemporary services.  Like any group looking to get preteen and teenage children involved, it is important to help present your message in a way that people of that demographic can relate to.

One of the ways many churches do this is by attending large youth group events around the country.  At these events, young people of faith gather to listen to influential speakers, hear music inspired by religion, or just socialize with other young people who share their spiritual beliefs.  All young people want to feel excepted and part of a group.

One way to help create a sense of unity, and also more practically, help keep your youth group together at one of these events, is to have custom t-shirts, or other apparel printed.  Matching clothing will help you spot the members of your group in a large crowd and also communicate to everyone at the event that you are all there together, supporting each other.

Another important part of any youth group, is drawing new young people into the group and welcoming any young person who shows interest in faith.  Encouraging your youth group members to wear pins, silicone bracelets, t-shirts or other items that display your group’s message will allow them to show how proud they are of their faith and give them an item that could possibly spark a conversation with a young person who is not part of your group.  It is important that you encourage the members of your youth group to be respectful and open with anyone who inquires about the message they are delivering.

Music is often the way that young people express themselves and because of this, youth group members often look up to or even form bands influenced by their religion.  Custom guitar picks are a great way for music groups affiliated with youth groups to hand out items that promote their message.  Give the members of your youth group a bag of guitar picks and encourage them to hand them out to all of their friends who are musicians.

Business cards might not seem like an obvious choice for preteens and teens, but having a simple card with personal contact information like an email address along with a web address to a social media page created by your youth group, can be a valuable tool for the members of your youth organization.

Middle and high schools across American can be scary places for kids.  Bullying is a major problem that affects millions of kids every day.  Encourage the members of your group to reach out too kids who are bullied at their school.  Giving someone a place to go where they will be accepted is often the thing that saves their life.  A simple business card will make it easy for members of your group to reach out to others.

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