How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

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Feeling confident can be an easy task or a giant feat; it all depends on your mood. In the workplace feeling confident is a must, when you are on a date, feeling great is a plus and in your personal life feeling good about yourself is the golden ticket to happiness. If we know confidence helps us feel better, than how come it is so hard to find sometimes?

If you want to be more confident try these tips.

Body Language Matters

When you give a presentation, or walk into a room, or even see a significant other on a date, the way you hold yourself mattes. If you fidget or play with your hair this will show insecurity. Instead stand tall and proud.

Make Eye Contact

People who are confident look other people in the eye. If you hold your head down or avoid eye contact, it shows insecurity. Make sure you look up and address your audience with clear focus.

Speak More

If you worry about speaking in public there may be a reason. Something could have happened as a child or maybe you worry people will be judging you. Whatever the reason it is a good idea to get over it. Because people who are confident often get more opportunities thrown at them. And people who are open for new opportunities speak up. If your boss asks you to do something voice your opinion.

Take Care of You

If you spend all your time being there for other people and avoid taking care of yourself. Your health and happiness will suffer. Listen to your own inner voice and take steps to improve your health. When you smile you will feel better because you invite others to come close to you. Smiling is simple and easy to do. It always makes people happy to see a smile. If you need more confidence with your smile you should visit your dentists. Many public speakers and confident leaders go to their dentist for routine health cleaning and teeth whitening. If you want to feel better and have more confidence you can try that.

In order to be confident you need to take care of your body. Taking steps to make sure your health is in tip top shape will help you feel better about your choices.

For more health advice visit your doctor or dentist, they can help you feel more confident.

This is a guest post.  For more health tips visit TenderCare Dental, a dentist in Portland. Shannon Kaiser is a health writer for the Oregon health community.

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