How To Live A Stress-free Life

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Stress Free LifeCities, although full of excitement, entertainment and activities to suit every lifestyle can be daunting and stressful places to live. This is even more true if you live a long way outside them and don’t have sufficient living space to feel relaxed after exploring them.

But with a growing range of fully furnished apartments on the outskirts of most cities nowadays, the headache of experiencing those tower block jungles is quickly disappearing. But, as a peaceful and happy life is about more than just finding accommodating accommodation, well, here is a list of other useful and inventive ways to live a stress-free life in the big cities.

Hungry Hobbies

Dieters and health fanatics don’t worry, we are not suggesting you make a hobby out of stuffing yourself silly with foods that are not good for you, we are simply saying find a hobby that ignites your passion. It has been well- documented that if you have a keen interest in a leisure pursuit outside of work it can help to keep your mind, body and spirit from attacking each other, which would surely not be a pretty sight at all.

People Painting

Be honest. We have all looked at somebody in the street and invented a story about them, describing their job, who they are married to, where they live and so forth. It’s fun, isn’t it? Well, next time you are commuting on a busy train or walking through crowded streets why not use your imagination to build a profile of somebody who catches your eye.

It’ll take the woe out of your worries and ease any tensions that you might be feeling. You never know, you might even get a chance to ask them, if you bump into them again, whether your assumptions were correct. But start by having a regular conversation rather than jumping straight in and telling them what you had thought of them.

Blue Sky Thinking

This does exactly what it states on the tin, so to speak. If it is a clear sunny day and yes, we do get them in the UK, raise your eyes and look up at the blue sky. Whether you are looking at it out of your luxury apartment window three or four storeys up or from the ground, a good look at the vast blueness will take all your worries away.

It’s not that the colour blue is a source of magic or anything; it is the fact that the heavenly expansion of space puts your problems into perspective and sort of makes them disappear for a short while anyway.

Registration Recall

Cars, cars, cars. They are everywhere, whether you are staring at them from your own car windscreen, watching them whizz past you as you walk home or admiring them parked outside other people’s houses or apartment blocks, one thing stands out: their number plates.

These can provide hours of light entertainment to give the mind time off from thinking about anything serious. That’s because they contain letters and numbers and most of the time, groups of letters are clumped together such as MBF or ABC or even TFR.

When seeing these letter formations, the idea is to think of a phrase to represent the letters before your see or reach another number plate. This can be played individually or in pairs or groups. So for example, MBF could mean, if we were playing it walking home from a hard day at the office, Music Beats Fastest or Meat Beats Fat.

A few rounds of this game will give anyone the ammunition to solve any problem and more importantly make them feel relaxed.

So when you reach the door to your city apartment or house, after putting some of these unusual relaxation methods into practice, you’ll be all the more ready to appreciate the comforts it has to offer. Now doesn’t that feel better?

Frankie Hughes is a blogger who believes that when living in apartments in Luton or another busy town or city of your choice, it is important to deal with the inevitable stress that comes with such a hectic life. She recommends trying some blue sky thinking to clear your mind and relax.

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