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how-to-look-and-feel-youngerAging has become a nasty word in many women’s vocabulary. You want to turn back the clock to when you were thirty or even twenty, but since that’s not possible, you can still do many things to help you look and feel younger, some that may be simple improvements, or more dramatic results such as cosmetic surgery.

First, start with your face, since that’s where you notice the most aging. Simple things such as using an anti-aging cream can do wonders for your skin, especially one that has Gogi Berry and Collagen combined. Also, moisturize when you wash to get rid of dead skin cells, and to keep your skin looking healthy. Opt for natural-looking makeup so wrinkles aren’t so pronounced. Boost your skin with essential fatty acids, which help heal dry skin and rough, red scaly patches like eczema and psoriasis.

Wear your age, and what is meant by that is, wear what is most comfortable for your body type, but what also looks good with your age. If you’re forty, wearing skinny jeans and tight tees may not be the best choice. Sometimes, when you try to look younger, it backfires, so wear clothes that make you feel good, but also look good. Also, wear clothes that fit you well. If it’s too hard to zip up the pants, get a bigger size, or vice versa.

Color your hair, but with the right product. Go to a professional, or if you dye it at home, always stay within two shades of your natural hair color, so the color flatters you, not washes you out. Keep hair shoulder-length. Long hair is beautiful, but may make you look tired and drawn, and it thins your hair, as well. Cutting it will give you volume and keep your hair youthful-looking. Also, layering your hair gives it vitality and bounce. Limit your hair washing to every other day, or even every three days, to keep it from over-drying, and so the color stays in longer.

Form healthier habits by exercising daily or at the least three times a week. Start out walking and then try anaerobic exercise, focusing on getting your heart rate up to 80% of the maximum, for your age. Exercise will help you stay healthy and keep you fit and trim, Cut back on the sugar and drink more water. Drinking flushes out your kidneys, keeps your skin hydrated, and best of all, helps you lose weight.

If you want a more permanent change, try cosmetic surgery. Sometimes, getting a facelift, tummy-tuck or varicose vein treatment, will produce the desired results.  From laser resurfacing to Botox treatments, consulting with a professional cosmetic surgeon will help answer any of your questions.

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