How To Organise The Ultimate School Reunion

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Reminiscing about the past can be a lot of fun, but more often than not it’s better to remember the ups and downs of school with the people you experienced them with. What better way is there than a school reunion?

Not only can you laugh about your memories, but you can also catch up with people you haven’t seen for years. Sound like the perfect way to spend an evening? Then here are some tips on how to organise the ultimate school reunion.

Choosing a date

Deciding on a date that the majority of people would be able to attend can be difficult because our lives are so busy. Try to avoid times when people are likely to have things planned, for example during the Christmas holidays or in the summer holiday months.


School reunions are nothing without the people. Choose who you want to invite – just fellow students or teachers as well? Once you have your list, why not try White Pages telephone directory to locate them.

Simply type in the name and the town and you can find their telephone number. That ultimate school reunion is just a few phone calls away.


Photographs are a great stimulus for memory. On the invitation, ask the invitees to send any photographs they might have from school, as well as an up-to-date one. Then create a collage for people to see at the reunion. It’s amazing how people can change, and it will help you to recall some great memories!

The practical stuff

Once you’ve decided who to invite, the venue and entertainment should be next on your list. Holding school reunions at the school itself would be the best option to keep costs low and to recall lots of memories, but if that isn’t possible, don’t rule out other venues or even having a sit-down meal.

Also, why not book a DJ who will play all the hits from your school days – that’s bound to get everyone up and dancing!

New memories

Make sure that someone takes photographs at the event itself, whether it’s a professional photographer or a good friend. Also, it might be a good idea to provide lots of paper at the event so that everyone can scribble down each other’s contact details for those old friendships renewed.

That’s all there is to it. You’ll have a great evening catching up with old friends and even meeting new ones. Who knows – everyone might enjoy it so much that the school reunion will become a regular thing.

So grab a pen and paper and head over to White Pages telephone directory to kick-start your journey into the past. Got more advice on how to organise the ultimate school reunion? Post it below.

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