How To Renovate Your Bathroom: Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

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At this time of year, with the heating going on, the days getting gloomier and party season approaching fast, wouldn’t it be lovely to get away to a spa for pampering and relaxation? Well yes, but it costs a fortune and once you’ve driven all the way home, invariably in terrible traffic…you’re back to being stressed. Wouldn’t it be better to have a spa in the comfort of your own home? Yes, of course it would. Here’s how you can achieve the spa experience in your bathroom through renovation:

Spa Bath

Gizoo currently have an offer on their Bubble Spa Bath Mat (now just £59.95, a saving of £25). This bath mat has hundreds of air vents that shoot out tiny but powerful bubbles to massage you with different pressure settings. You can time the massage for 15, 30 or 60 minutes, but of course you’ll go for the hour long option! The bath mat is inflatable, so it’s über comfortable. It’s also a safe and practical product, as it features a non-slip base and it packs away neatly when not in use. However, if you the money and space you could have a spa Jacuzzi bath built into your bathroom, with the plumbing fitted correctly you will be all set for relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

Renovation Design Through Underwater Lighting

Gadget sites have possibly the most exciting additions to any bath at low costs; for that easy to achieve spa-at-home effect look then colour changing underwater lights are the way to go. Candles aren’t always sensible – many a times hair has caught on fire thanks to tea-lights around the tub. These lights come in packs of two, and are a snip at £7.95 for the colour changing option, and £6.95 for the static ones. They come in blue, white or amber. The amber ones give the bath a really lovely warm glow – great for winter. The lights come with little suckers to stick on the side of the bath, or they can float around like floating candles.

Soothing Soundtrack And Surround Sound

Of course, one of the key components of any spa experience is peaceful music (or whale song if you want to be really authentic). ION makes a waterproof, floating speaker system to use with your iPhone or iPod called the “Water Rocker”. It can be plugged into your TV with the included jack. It also has a built in radio, so you don’t have to miss anything whilst soaking in the bath. It works through a wireless transmitter and your music device is put into the cradle in another room (up to 100 feet away), so there’s no need to worry about a soggy iPod. The device costs £74.99 from sites like Play. For the ultimate exprience surround sound systems in your bathroom would be the trendiest renovation idea but this does come with a huge price tag but with all the added sound benefits!

Champneys at Home

Champneys is an exquisite spa that also creates products to use at home (somewhat negating their main line of business, but who’s complaining?). They have two great must-haves for any home spa. The Aroma Diffuser with built-in light, gives you that essential oil fragrance (currently £15.99 on the Champney’s Amazon site). As well as a waterproof bath pillow which massages your neck and shoulders (currently £19.99).

Waterproof Television And A Plunge Pool Bath

If you can stretch the budget, then the ultimate indulgence has got to be a waterproof television for the bathroom. Settle in, watch your favourite film and unwind in a plunge pool bath with experience showers. All this can be a little on the pricy side because of the technology involved in making the television waterproof for example, but there are offers online where you can have one fitted at no extra cost!

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With any of these gadgets and gizmos you can renovate your own bathroom into a haven. Most importantly of all, the bathroom is your sanctuary, so make sure you’re not disturbed by anyone. Get a lock on the door, as well as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

This is a guest post.  Thank you to Staunch and Flow a London Plumbing Company who contributed to this article; Make sure you get your plumbing fitted correctly so you can enjoy the best spa experience on offer!


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