How To Set Up Your Own Private Club

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Are you sick of going to your local pub to interact with uninteresting people who laugh at their own jokes? You need to start your own private club for people just like you! So get rid of that negative attitude and find your true friendship group using these simple tips:

What’s It All About Then? 

Before starting your own private club, it is important to check that there is no similar club/ interest group within a nearby radius. You might be a massive Michael Jackson fan, a lover of knitting or simply want to socialise with people who thrive by watching scary movies? Whatever your interest, it is always important to follow your passion. If you are not passionate about your original idea for your private club, then you will not be able to sustain it.

Next, what are you going to name it? Be as imaginative as you like. You need to make it as exciting for others who might want to join. You’ll be surprised how often something as simple as a name can put people off!

Ask A Few Friends To Support The Club

Starting your own private club will not be an easy task and having a few friends to help you in this will be very welcome. Numbers are not important in the beginning although creative ideas and help spreading the word are vital.

The first meeting can discuss how the club will function, how many members you’ll plan to have over time, how many times a month/week you’ll want to meet, what the club will stand for and how the group will promote its value to the community.

Friends can also show their support by way of donating time, food for meetings, paper for posters, skills or contacts. In the beginning, it is advisable not to pay for a room to hold your private club meeting. The first few meetings can be held in a member’s house and then as the club members grow, you can consider asking for a membership fee and then invest it in a meeting space.

Promotion Is Key

Create a website for your club so as to attract more members. Use the website to highlight the unique points of the private club so that people can discover more about it. Circulate posters of the club around your town or in local restaurants, shops and on notice boards if possible.

If you like networking and going to various events, buy yourself a plastic card printer. You can print out cards advertising your club and then hand it to anyone who might be interested.  Get a piece about your new club in the local press whether through a newspaper, magazine or radio.

You could even promote your new club through social media networks or maintain a blog about its activities so that your club is seen as a fund thing to do.

Causes Can Make You Club Popular

Every club can been seen in a better light if a majority of members can be seen as actively promoting a worthy cause. For instance, even if your club is not actively protesting against world hunger, your club could make this a regular cause that they support, for the good of the community.

Members can raise money or get speakers in from relevant organisations. For example, the UK Junior Chamber of Commerce is an organisation that furthers a young person’s business skills while getting them engaged in a worthy cause.

What kind of private club are you going to create?

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