How To Stand Out At An Exhibition

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museum wallsWhen it comes to marketing one of the most important facets is face to face contacts made at professional conferences and exhibitions. If you choose the right events to attend and make your company stand out you can make invaluable contacts which can help your business to succeed even in this uncertain economic time.

Signage – can this really help?

What will initially attract any one to your exhibition stand or booth is your signage so take the time to get this right. Bright colours with a prominent logo are good starting off points but signage involves a lot more than just these main elements.

You should also consider photographic signage showing off your product and a clearly displayed tagline that sums up your business well so people will remember. Depending on the size of the exhibition you may have anywhere between a few metres and over forty to fill so using this space correctly is vital.

Stand – get this right and it’ll make a huge difference

The stand construction itself is just as important as your advertising and signage. If you have a large stand you will need to consider how best to use the space that you have to best place your product and company.

If you need computers for demonstration purposes it is definitely worth thinking about integrating these into the design. Handily there are now a number of companies who can provide design services as well as custom built stands for most occasions and this will help take the pressure off.

Freebies – if you give stuff away you’ll see greater footfall

More important than your signage and design, however, is the freebies you offer at your stand. Many people go to exhibitions just to acquire interesting free items and this is the best way to make yourself memorable.

Here you have two choices, something useful that evokes your product or business or something completely quirky that will be remembered. However you choose to go, make sure that your logo and tagline are prominently written on your freebie so that every time people use it or take it out to show someone they will be reminded of your company.

Remember, your exhibition stand will be your first impression for many prospective clients and customers and first impressions must last. This makes getting the stand right at the first time of asking imperative as your business success will depend on it.

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