How To Survive Without Power

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Whether it is the scorching hot summer or bitter cold winter, it is important to prepare for anything. There is nothing worse than being stuck without power, no matter what time of year. Prepare for a power outage, and any situation that results from the problem.


power switch

Power Switch

Key Items

There are a few items that are essential during a power outage:

  • A manual can opener – it may seem simple, but many people have electric can openers now. Depending on how long the outage is, canned food may be your main source for a while. It is important to have a way to eat what you already have. With a manual can opener, you can dig into your food storage, and wait for the blackout to pass.
  • Candles and flashlights – during the day, a power outage means relying on natural light to see around. At night however, it becomes necessary to use artificial lights. Being prepared by having these in your home before the power outage will make things much easier once everything falls apart.
  • A generator – if you do not have a backup generator in your home, consider investing in one. If the power goes out, it can give you limited power for a period of time. This is essential during the hot summer and the frigid winter. This will allow you to run the air conditioning or the heater to keep your home comfortable for at least a short period of time. This escape from the heat may be critical if the power goes out during the scorching hot months
  • A way to cook food – this can be done with a gas stove, Dutch ovens, or a barbecue grill. The last two methods must be done outside, to reduce the chances of a house fire. If you have access to any of these methods of cooking, you will be able to survive while the power is out, even if it is for an extended period of time.
  • Appropriate clothing – it is possible for the power to go out in the heat of summer, or in the dead of winter. In either case, it is essential to have the clothing necessary to protect yourself. Your clothing is your first line of defense against the elements; make sure you have what you need to make it through with no power.
  • Entertainment – waiting out a blackout can seem like an eternity. In an age where we have come to rely on TV, computers, and cell phones, it seems as though there is nothing to do during the outage. If you invest in books and games, it will make time seem to go faster. Even without power, you can have fun in your own home. Just make sure that you have the candles and flashlights so you can see what you are doing.

With these items, you can survive without power for at least some time. Even with these items, escaping the heat can be a challenge without access to air conditioning. There are ways that you can beat the heat, even in the worst conditions.

Staying Comfortable any Time of Year

 It is important to recognize the temperature difference between levels of your home. The basement can get to a good ten degrees cooler than the upper levels. During the summer, you can escape the heat downstairs in the basement. By residing on a floor that does not receive direct sunlight, you can stay cool, even without power.

As mentioned earlier, some of the best ways to cook are on the grill, with a Dutch oven, or, if you have one, on a gas stove. If you are in a situation where staying cool is essential, avoid cooking inside, and instead use the two methods of cooking that are done outdoors. During the winter, if you have a wood burning stove you can keep your house warm and cook your dinner at the same time.

If you are experiencing a power outage, there are ways to make it more bearable. Waiting for the power company to restore power can be agonizing; but if you have the resources you need, it makes the wait a little more bearable.

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