How to Tastefully Add Colour To Your Home Interior

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A Blank Canvas

Whether you have purchased a newly built property or just moved into a house that has been previously lived in, it is likely that you will want to carry out some sort of decorative work. It is highly unusual that there are two people with the exact same tastes in decoration, much less that one would move into a house previously lived in by the other! A new home can be an exciting time for individuals, and the decoration process is a huge part of that. Of course, it may be that you have lived somewhere for a number of years and just want to change things up a little, too. Moving in isn’t the only time to get your creative urges going!

How are you going to add colour tastefully to your home?

Complete Colour Overhaul

The option generally favoured by homeowners is to go for a complete colour overhaul. This is especially true if they have just moved in – repainting over darker colours if you have lived there a while can be a drag, let’s face it! While many favour the approach of painting one room all the same colour, you can get great effects from mixing colour up and also using wallpaper within a room, whether that be on the bottom half of walls or along the whole of one wall, for example as a prominent feature wall.

There is enough choices available in DIY stores and advice available online to save you money on an interior designer or decorator, too. Although it may seem fashionable to consult an interior designer, they do not come cheap and will often produce something close to what you were going to do anyway.

Being More Subtle

If you are a more subtle homeowner, or are a tenant who is not allowed to repaint in any colour other than the wonderful and always inspiring landlord magnolia, then charming household gifts and ornamental features can be a great way to brighten up your home. The key difference with a vase or a presentation plate is that if you do not like it then it can go away, it is a little more difficult to deal with a particularly loud shade of red on a wall if you wake up one day and decide it is not to your tastes.

Again, the choice is varied enough to ensure you can have a quirky and unique home interior, and brighten up even the dullest of magnolia paradises!

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