How to Throw a Marvellous (Yet Incredibly Easy) Dinner Party

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Dinner parties often balance precariously between fairly entertaining and slightly monotonous. Spending time with your friends should be fun, but the stress of preparing dinner, setting everything up, and thinking of interesting ways to spend the allotted time (not to mention all the cleaning afterwards) can easily diminish the amount of fun had by the host or hostess.

If you’re tired of the typical round of charades or endless games of Monopoly, check out this list of new and exciting takes on the archetypal dinner party!

Bon Appetit!

When planning the menu for the dinner party most people go with something they know everyone will like, such as a roast or a casserole. Why not shake it up a little?

About a week before the dinner party ask each guest to choose a foreign country to represent. Once everyone (or each couple) has chosen ask them to bring a dish from their nation and, if you want to go that extra yard, to dress up in the style of their country.

This leaves you with much less cooking and makes the dinner itself more original. Also, if there’s a dish someone doesn’t like they have plenty of other dishes to choose from.

20 Paces Yonder

If you’ve attended dinner parties in togas or cowboy boots or superhero get ups and you’re tired of costume themed parties then why not switch up another aspect of the dinner; the way the food is presented. Instead of asking your guests to come dressed as police officers and princesses, treat them to a challenging scavenger hunt.

Hide the different courses around the house and give them a paper-trail of tricky clues to riddle out in order to earn their meal. Give them a clue directing them to the glasses of champagne hidden in the oven (which is turned off!)

Then have them move on to hors d’oeuvres in the bedroom, the main course out on the garden table, or dessert in the living room.

Try to make the riddles difficult, the more challenging the more fun!

Take a Trip

If you have an aversion to hosting dinner parties because you know you’ll either have to stay up after all your guests have gone home to wash dishes, or wake up to a mess in your kitchen then I have a solution for you: change the venue.

Instead of throwing a dinner party at home why not ask your friends to meet you at the nearest park? Find a lovely picnic table, throw a tablecloth over it and whip out the paper plates and napkins. Bring a basket of food and the only thing you’ll have to wash when you get home is the dish you cooked the meal in.

Do you have a unique dinner party ideas to share?

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