How to Throw the Perfect Movie Night

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There are three things that I always find are guaranteed to make a perfect night: Films, Friends and Food. Sometimes I’m not the most sociable of people. Going out seems like a lot of effort, especially in a group of girls. There can be a lot of girl drama. It’s a lot safer to lock yourselves indoors with a few of your favourite friends, some good movies and a ban on any drama.

Food is probably the most important part of a successful film night. Me and my friends are foodaholics, and will probably spend more time talking about what we’re going to eat than any films. Cheese is always good. Anything cheese based; Pizza and nachos most likely. We just love cheese. Things that they can snack on throughout is a good idea too, keep them full of food and happy. Ask everyone to bring their own drinks if they want alcohol (we usually just bring a bottle of wine each), but stock up on soft drinks too as you don’t want everyone drunk at the end of the first film.

The film choices are important too. You do not want anything deep or complex unless you’re willing to explain every bit in detail when people get lost as they’re too busy discussing the joys of cheese and miss half the film. Be prepared to not actually watch the film. I love my friends to the moon and back, but they do not stop talking. Ever.

If you’ve got the food right then halfway through the first film they’ll be buzzing off a sugar/cheese/alcohol rush and wont be able to sit quietly for more than 3 minutes. Pick a film that is light hearted, entertaining and doesn’t require more than three brain cells to figure out. Nothing longer than 2 hours, subtitled or too “epic” should be considered. A firm favourite of ours is Mean Girls. We literally know every single word so it doesn’t matter too much if we spend a few minutes Lindsey Lohan’s latest life catastrophe rather than watching.

Obviously, cater to your guests. If you’re a boy and are inviting lots of other boys around then you’ll probably prefer something with lots of big guns and explosions. (You could still try and sneak Mean Girls on, I don’t know a single male or female that doesn’t appreciate it’s greatness).

Once the nattering is out of the way you can pick something that everyone hasn’t seen a bazillion times, as hopefully by this time they’ll have run out of gossip to trade and will have settled down slightly. Still try and keep it light, and nothing too “niche”. Pick some sort of big blockbuster hit that is fast and colourful to keep everyone’s attention. Depending what time you start the film night, 2 should probably be enough, if you also include the time it takes to cook the pizza and nachos, toilet breaks, cigarette breaks and the changeover between films. If not, pick a third one that you’re really not that bothered about watching, because chances are you’re not getting more than ten minutes into it.

A few quick notes on comfort; I think the most people you can comfortably have in a living room is probably 5, and that’s with a three seater sofa and two armchairs. If it’s a girly night then get everyone to bring cushions, pillows or blankets with them, move all the furniture back and make a giant floor nest. It saves squashing onto one sofa and being uncomfortable.

Food, films and friends- the perfect recipe for a night in.

This is a guest post.  Emma enjoys spending time with her girl friends, and when she’s not socialising she works for Home Furniture Range who have unique ways to create a living room worthy of a movie night, such as their nest of tables.  


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