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woman-smelling-fragranceWhen choosing a fragrance, it’s important you choose the right one for you. Retailers usually provide tester sticks for you to spray a small squirt onto and familiarise yourself with the scent. However, what the majority of them don’t tell you is that fragrances smell different on each person.

It’s all to do with the chemical balance in your skin. Each one of us has a different composition of chemicals in our bodies; call it our own personal fragrance if you will. That means that what may smell sweet on your wrist, could easily smell sour on your best friend.

Not only that; we each have different personalities. We dress to express our individuality and tastes, so why not choose a fragrance that also helps to convey who we are to others? So how do you go about finding your perfect scent?

Well, first of all, scents are divided into different categories, each comprising a unique set of base and top notes, which are combined to form an overall type. Confused? Read on to find out which scent suits you best.

–          Floral – floral scented fragrances are very sweet and romantic. With flowery perfumes, they are perfect for any girly girl.

–          Fruity – with recognisable scents of juicy fruits, such as apple, peach, berry and mango, these fragrances are often blended with floral top notes to give an overall sweet and fruity fragrance. Ideal for younger girls or those who prefer a more understated scent, these fragrances are subtle and not too overpowering.

–          Woody (chypre) – with base notes of bark, moss, and other forestry, woody scents are primarily for the no-nonsense woman. More practical and less romantic.

–          Oriental – these exotic fragrances are very sexy; with a musky, animalistic base, combined with top notes such as amber or vanilla, the wearer of these scents will be very alluring. A perfect night-time scent; wear with heels.

–          Oceanic – oceanic fragrances are the most modern. They consist of natural-smelling aromas such as mountain air, ocean spray, or clean linen. Evoking a sense of calm, serenity and cleanliness.

–          Spicy – with scents of ginger, cloves and cinnamon, these grown-up fragrances are alluring in an old-fashioned way. Spicy scents are very traditional and quite powerful.

–          Green – aromas of fresh leaves and mown grass; green scents are very natural and for the more energetic amongst us. They are ideally suited for daytime; wear to sporting events or to casual gatherings.

Hopefully now you have more of an idea about which scent is better suited to you. The best thing is, you can mix and match. Who says you have to stick to the one category? We lead busy lives, and as such, are constantly on the move.

You don’t have to have a packed social calendar to be a busy person. That means you may wish to use a floral scent for the daytime, or in summer, a green scent for when you’re exercising, and an oriental scent for any dates you go on.

Just remember that scents smell different on every person. You may love the one your Mum always wears, but you’re a different person. Perhaps you’re better suited to a fruity one? Try out lots of different fragrances to find your perfect scent today.

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