Insights Into The Adults Of Providence, Rhode Island

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Providence RIAs the third largest city in New England, Providence is home to many universities, is rife with history, and is geographically diverse.

The city sits at the head of Narragansett Bay, and the Providence River runs directly through the city.

It’s one of the few cities to be built on a series of number of hills, seven hills in fact. All of this has lent a hand in creating a unique culture and people.

There is a lot to know about the people here. What follows is a set of insights that help to define Providence adults based on a recent study completed by Scarborough Research.

An electronic literate bunch

While adults in Providence are less likely to own smartphones and are about average for iPad and tablet PC ownership, they’re more likely to own an eReader than adults in other part of the country.  A total of 16% of adults in Providence own an eReader, while the national average is 13%.

Media consumption in Providence

Just because these adults like their eReaders that doesn’t mean they overlook traditional media. When surveyed it was found that Providence adults read nearly the whole newspaper—they read 12 out of 16 newspaper sections.

The top newspaper sections include the front page section, local news section, and entertainment/lifestyle section.

The people here also enjoy TV watching with A&E, Discover, and History Channels among the most popular.  Of those surveyed, it was found that movies, comedies, and the local news were the most popular TV genres.

Bring on the hockey

Providence adults love hockey more than adults in any other part of the USA. These sports fans don’t limit what kind of hockey they watch. They’ll take the NHL, the minors, and college hockey. In fact, it was found that Providence adults are 87% more likely than other US adults to be fans of Minor League Hockey.

Don’t forget the other sports

Providence residents can’t live without their hockey or other sports in general. Take a look at the sports these Rhode Islanders enjoy in the order of popularity:

  1. Minor League Baseball
  2. Major League Baseball
  3. National Basketball Association (NBA)
  4. European Soccer
  5. Major League Soccer
  6. National Football League (NFL)
  7. Olympics

No couch potatoes here in Providence

Adults in Providence are not only watching the games from the comfort of their couch and bar stool, they’re also playing the game. That Scarborough Research study found that football, soccer, and snow skiing are the three most popular sports to play here.

Skiing is the biggest sporting activity for Providence. With small ski resorts like Yawgoo in Rhode Island and larger resorts in nearby New Hampshire and Vermont, these active adults make time for skiing and snowboarding.

In fact, Providence adults are 65% more likely than other US adults to have hit the slopes in the last 12 months. Other popular activities in Providence include power boating and trips to amusement parks, the circus, zoo, live theater, and rock concerts.

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