Lawn Envy: Why Won’t My Grass Grow Like My Neighbor’s?

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lawn careGrowing a lush, green and healthy lawn is the goal of most homeowners. However, it may appear that your neighbor has achieved the ultimate in lawn perfection, making your yard look like the Sahara Desert.

The difference between an impressive yard and one that is brown and patchy is based on feedings, lawn maintenance and watering.

Selecting The Right Grass

Dependent on the climate in which you live, your first step in achieving a healthy and vibrant lawn is to ensure that you’re growing the right type of grass for your location. If your lawn is located in a shady area, your best type of lawn is the fescue variety.

Perrennial ryes and Kentucky bluegrass is the ideal setting for a lawn that is heavily trafficked. Drought can be another problem area for lawns, and you’ll do best with a drought-tolerant type of grass that includes St. Augustine, Kentucky bluegrass or Bermuda.

Go Easy On Your Soil

Spring is the ideal time to get your lawn in order. However, you don’t want to be in a rush to begin working in your yard. The base of your lawn needs time to dry thoroughly before you begin your lawn chores. You also want to avoid aggressive raking, aerating and mowing, as it could damage any new grass growth.

According to Arbor-Nomics, Inc,For warm season grasses, you need to gradually raise the height of the mower deck about a 1/2” above your usual height. The increased height allows the grass to make and store more food so it can nourish itself when it comes out of dormancy in the spring.”

Get Your Lawn Tools Ready

Early spring is the best time to get your lawn tools in working order. This includes sharpening the mower blades, changing filters and adding spark plugs, and oil. You also want to ensure that you have the necessary gear such as a rake, shovel, grass seed and soil.

Soil Test

A soil test should be done on your lawn routinely to determine the best nutrients needed for your particular grass. It can also tell you the amount of fertilizer needed. A soil test can also be extremely valuable in determining the types of problems your lawn may be experiencing, so you can combat them appropriately.

Mow Your Lawn

As your lawn starts to awaken and green up, you’re ready to remove the dead tops with a short cut. This will help the new growth to slowly emerge and receive the proper sunlight to ensure its health and wellness. However, cutting a lawn too short can harm the crown of the vegetation.

Feeding And Water

To enhance the color and general wellness of your lawn, you’ll want to feed your lawn the proper nutrients. There are a host of fertilizers on the market today, and the slow release types of nourishment will help feed it properly throughout the year.

It will also keep away infestations that can damage and kill your lawn. You’ll also want to follow a proper watering schedule and maintain it regularly, especially if you live in areas with extreme drought.

Maintaining a lawn can take research and a lot of hard work. A lawn maintenance service has the experience and knowledge to take care of your lawn properly. It’s also a valuable asset in achieving a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

Writer Lisa Becker is hopeful that with advantage of this information and practical application, her lawn will be the pride of the neighborhood this year. For those looking for more information about lawn maintenance, she suggests readers check out a professional service, such as Arbor-Nomics, Inc. A beautiful lawn is only a few months away, but it won’t just happen. With a little research and effort this season’s “Best Yard” award is in the bag!

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