Living Rich Without Wealth

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In this day and age it is easier than ever to emulate the lifestyles of the wealthy without having to be rich yourself. From technology to vacations, living with style no longer requires you being rich and famous. By budgeting with luxury in mind, you can easily afford to indulge yourself on a regular basis. Plan to take vacations, buy a few nice things, and eat at a fancy restaurant now and then and you will feel much happier about your finances and be relaxed as well.

Designer Clothes on a Budget

One of the most sought after parts of being wealthy is the designer clothing and accessories. Knowing where and when to shop for these styles will allow you to obtain the clothing without the hefty price tag. There are many stores that offer previous seasons’ designs at a highly discounted price. While you may have to wear last year’s swimsuit this year, you will not pay nearly as much as those who wore it when it first came out. Also, knowing when to buy the clothing will make it much more affordable, buying styles at the end of the season will give you the best bargain. While you will wait a year to wear it, you will be happy knowing you got it for such a steal.

Affordable Yet Luxurious Vacation Spots

When one thinks of luxurious vacations images of faraway tropical islands may come to mind. However, there are plenty of luxurious destinations right in our own country that will have you feeling like one of the rich and famous. There are very affordable Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals that will allow you and your family to vacation in style. When you book a Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals your friends and family will all think you are living in the lap of luxury when in fact it was not hard on your wallet at all.

Splurge on a Meal

If you are a fan of going out to eat at five star restaurants but you are not a fan of the large check, then listen up. Rather than going out a few times a month, save that money and go out for a fancy meal just once a month. You will spend the same amount of money, but will be able to get a luxurious meal without having to budget for extra costs.

Keep in mind that if you splurge less often you will be able to afford more lavish products and services that will keep you living rich. With simple budgeting you can live like the stars, with or without a large salary.


This is a guest post.    Mercedes Potter is an elite writer who loves the finer things in life. In this post, she shows how to live like the rich without being rich. Follow her @CedesPotter to see what else she’s been blogging about.


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