Looking for Comfort? Then Avoid These Shoes

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If you are on the go, uncomfortable shoes are the last things you want. Working and walking with pain is never a pleasurable experience. If you are looking for the shoes that fit your needs for comfort, here are the things you should look for and those you should watch out for.

Shoes that Woe the Foot

Ultra High Heels

If you want comfort, deformity-free and pain-free feet, avoid on wearing ultra high heels too much. Recent fashion trends push women to wear higher and higher heels. According to podiatrists, this is a severe punishment to your foot, an event they amusingly call, “shoeicide”. Wearing ultra high heels give women a variety of foot problems:

Pump Bump

Constant wearing of high heeled shoes usually lead to “pump bump”, a condition where there is a bony protrusion formed at the back of the heel. Not only is it an unwanted sight, the bump can lead to swelling, blister formation, and even Achilles tendon pain. The main problem with pump bumps is they can become permanent. You can manage the pain and swelling, but the deformity stays.

Stress Fractures

High heels often put the foot in an unnatural position, placing stress on the ball of the foot, leading to inflammation and even minute fractures.

The Solution

Heels that are 2 inches high promote a more natural foot position. Choose shoes that are no more than 2 inches in height and even at this height they should be worn in moderation. You can visit sites such as Saucony for shoes that are fit for on the go.


While high heels cause a myriad of serious foot problems, stilettos may be one of the worst. Stilettos are risky, as the weight is concentrated to just one area, making the wearer wobble and more likely to trip and sprain their ankle.

The solution

Choose heels that are chunkier at the base, so weight can be distributed evenly and not just on one pointy area. Chunkier heels provide more surface area and more stability compared to stilettos, so there is reduced chance for sprains.

Ballet Flats

If you think the solution for high heels is wearing flats, you got it all wrong. Not all flats are healthy for your feet.  Some of them could do significant damage. Ballet flats are one of them. Ballet flats don’t offer arch support, and this can lead to knee, hip and even back problems. The lack of arch support can also lead to plantar fasciitis, a painful foot condition characterized by inflammation of the plantar fascia.

The Solution

If ballet flats are truly irresistible to you, then wear it them orthotic inserts or heel pads. These inserts can provide cushion so the soles of the feet and are protected from pressure. The inserts also provide arch support and can reduce pressure on certain sensitive areas of the foot. These inserts can be pricey, but they can be covered by insurance if your foot pain is a big problem.

This is a guest post.  This article is written by Don Williams, an avid shoe lover and health watcher. For those looking for comfort and style, Don Williams suggest consumers to buy from Saucony shoes.

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