Make Sure Your Presents aren’t Useless

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When the time comes, stocking stuffers can be a good way to make a stocking look fuller and these are especially useful if you are on a tight budget, but still want to get a lot of different gifts. The only problem with stocking stuffers is that they can often be completely useless, as we tend to just pick up any old rubbish without giving it much thought.

If you want to make sure you choose gifts which are useful and will fit into a tight budget, take a look at these ideas before you hit the shops. The type of stocking stuffers you can get will depend hugely on the size of your budget, but you can find a range of gifts for all sizes of budgets.

Chocolates and Candy

Who doesn’t love chocolate and candy? It’s one of those gifts that we take for granted, but we would be more than disappointed if our stocking was candy-free. These are great stocking fillers as they are small and inexpensive and can be tailored to suit the taste of the person you are buying for. They may not be the most adventurous stocking stuffers, but they are one which will definitely not go wrong. You can even buy candy and chocolate with specific slogans to really personalize your gift and show the thought you have put in.

Concert/Comedy/Sports Tickets

These will depend on individual taste and are more relevant to those who have a bit more to spend on their stocking stuffers. If the person you are buying for is an avid football fan, then why not get them a ticket to see their favorite team. On the other hand, if they prefer a good comedy or concert, you can pick up a ticket for their favorite band or comedian.

You can be sure that these types of stocking stuffers will put a smile on the face of the recipient and they can be tucked away in the stocking to give the person you are buying for a nice surprise. You may need to do a bit of preparation to ensure you get the type of ticket they will love, but these types of stocking stuffers are far from useless.


Hard cash is definitely a stocking stuffer which will not be unappreciated. This is a good stocking stuffer as it is small, you can put in as much or as little as you like and it is bound to be a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Instead of buying a gift set or some other item which will probably not get used, you can put in some cash as a stocking stuffer and then the recipient can use it to buy whatever they please. It might seem like an easy option, but you can be sure it will be useful, no matter who you are buying the stocking stuffers for.


Any kind of geeky gadget will be likely to go down well, and you can spend as little or as much as you like with this type of stocking stuffer. There are lots of weird and wonderful gifts like this, including digital measuring tapes, funky key rings and a whole range of other items. These gifts will raise a smile or two and will be useful as well.

It will also show that you have made a bit of an effort with your choice of present and will be sure to be appreciated by anyone. You can tailor this type of gift to suit the taste of the person you are buying for, depending on their interests.

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