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bike ridingIf you’ve found that your life needs a little less “eh” and a lot more “umph,” you might be in desperate need of some serious upgrades.

After all, things come too easily these days and every once in a while, we need to know how to work for things, how to feel like we’ve earned them.

This is for all those times when we need life to be a little tougher, a little rougher and a helluva lot louder. This is for all those people who want to feel a lot more alive.

Monster Trucks

Nothing says attitude like a big, mean, four-wheeled monster. To counteract the multitude of puny 2wd pickups, manufacturers like Ford and Chevy have launched an army of rougher, tougher trucks.

Strong is one thing, but vehicles like the Rocky Ridge Altitude will convey that “yeah-I-did-it-myself” attitude that can only be backed up by its towing capacity and 8-cylinder engine. If you’re the type, this is the truck for you. Find one that can tackle any task you throw at it.

The Home Front

When it comes to your house, it should reflect who you are – and that doesn’t mean the color of your kitchen curtains. It means your blacktop half court. The deck you built last winter.

And the wraparound grill that sits on top of it. It’s a man-made, bold-faced, permanent claim on your land, your personal domain. What’s your statement? How will you own your home?

Will it be the slate you lay for a fireplace hearth or the concrete you pour for your new pool? Leaving your mark on your house is more than home improvement – it’s self-improvement that is reinforced every single day.

Work Hard

In some jobs, every effort can be reflected in your pay. The harder you hustle, the more you bring home. But what separates the men from the boys is how hard you work when no one is looking – how much you push it when it all evens out to the same paycheck.

Do you have what it takes to do your best in every aspect of life? Are you the kind of tough to push full throttle in all lanes? Or is it only when it can benefit you?

Decide for yourself and you’ll be able to quickly see what kind of person you are. If you really are the rougher, tougher, stronger, louder type – then prove it when there’s no one to prove it to but yourself.

Play Hard

We’re not talking about spending an extra hour tossing bocce balls when you should’ve gone inside already. We’re talking ATVs. We’re talking jet skis.

We’re talking piling in your Rocky Ridge Altitude and raising hell while you raise your altitude. Grab your boarding gear and tackle the untamed mountain. Bring a couple of paintball guns and let your adrenaline surge.

Ditch the ice fishing poles and dive in the lake. Sometimes, you need to act a little crazy to realize how alive you are. Too often we get stuck in our cubes and our routines and what we need is a big, loud refresher that we are who we are. Don’t wait for it to come into your inbox. Get out there and get after it.

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