Some Of The Worst Floods Of The 21st Century So Far

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Floods can happen in a number of ways, and can be completely devastating. Sometimes accompanied by extreme weather such as a hurricane or tropical storm, floods can devastate buildings, cause sickness, injury and loss of life, and write off cars in their hundreds all in a matter of hours.

Since the turn of the 21st century, there have already been a number of very serious floods around the world. Many people attribute the number of extreme weather events and floods in recent years to climate change.

Here are some of the worst floods that have occurred since the year 200, and some of the devastating effects they had on the areas they hit.

Mozambique – 2000

The entire country of Mozambique in Africa was devastated by floods in 2000. The floods lasted for three weeks, and resulted in thousands of deaths as well as damage to property and infrastructure that left the nation in crisis. The floods were caused by extreme rain, followed by a cyclone hitting.

Mumbai, India – 2005

In the summer of 2005, heavy flooding hit the urban area of Mumbai in India. The flood waters in some areas rose to over 5 meters in depth, completely submerging houses, businesses, vehicles and vital infrastructure in this heavily populated, highly commercial part of the country. The death toll from the Mumbai floods of 2005 rose to over 700 people.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – 2005

One of the most famous flooding disasters of recent years was the devastation caused in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina’s onslaught caused a number of levees in the area to fail and as a consequence around 80% of the city was subjected to heavy flooding. New Orleans is still rebuilding itself in the aftermath of the disaster, in which 1,076 lives were lost.

India – 2008

As a result of an unusually powerful monsoon season, 2404 people across several Indian states were killed by flooding between July and September of 2008. The monsoons also caused a large amount of flood damage, leaving many people homeless.

China – 2011

Serious flooding in China in 2011 caused 54 people to lose their lives. While this may seem low in comparison to the other floods discussed here, it is important to understand that the flood required over 100,000 people to be temporarily relocated, and affected the lives of a massive 4.8 million people.

Pakistan – 2010

An unusually harsh monsoon season was once again the cause of sudden flooding which affected the majority of the country of Pakistan on July 26th 2010.

United Kingdom – 2012

The United Kingdom has had a number of dramatic floods during the 21st century, including the flooding in the town of Boscastle in 2004 that caused the destruction of a number of buildings in a local river valley, and the floods in Glasgow in Scotland in 2002.

However, 2012 was an especially bad year with floods in most of the country in April.  Super-cell storms caused flooding in the Midlands in June, and heavy rain caused burst riverbanks in Devon and Cornwall in November.

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