New Jerseyans Stick Together After Sandy’s Water Divide

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New Jersey used to be just a little state living in the shadow of New York City. They had a great shore, a couple of pro teams worth talking about and a dense population. In late October, the meteorological community started discussing a storm that was destined to hit the Caribbean.

It began as a tropical wave, and then progressed into a super storm. Within days, New Jersey areas like Hudson County were underwater and the residents had to fend for themselves. Sandy was devastating to many homes and neighborhoods, but didn’t damage the spirit of New Jersey. Residents turned to each other for support in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and stuck together more than ever before.

The Rescues

Emergency teams scrambled to rescue many but it was the residents that filled in when they couldn’t get there. In one of the worst hit areas, Little Ferry and Moonachie, homes were flooded leaving their owners stranded. The National Guard was able to get to some, but others got out safely with the help of an anonymous dump truck driver moving down the streets looking for survivors.

Hoboken Farms

The rescues continue long after the storm has left New Jersey in its wake. Hoboken Farms Sandwich Shop reopened just recently after finally getting power back. The store celebrated their luck with a fundraiser for the Community Food Bank of NJ. Hoboken Farms is adding one dollar for every one collected. In addition to the fundraising activities, the Farms donated almost 2,000 loaves of bread to the community.

Popular Community Bank

The New Jersey Division of Popular Community Bank is taking tax-deductible donations for the Salvation Army of New Jersey to fund disaster emergency services to those in need. The bank has opened accounts to collect donations from their customers around the nation. To get the ball rolling, the bank seeded the account with 10,000 dollars of their own money to go to the charity.

The Local Malls Give Power

Power outage was a major concern in the afterglow of Sandy. While many residential areas were without electricity for days, commercial spots stayed open to help out. One such community savior was the Westfield Garden State Plaza, New Jersey’s largest shopping mall. The center opened up to supply residents in the area with warmth, food and a little free charging. Paramus Mall put every available power outlet into service. Hundreds of locals crowded into the mall waiting to power up computers and phones.

Sandy is now just a name in the history books, but New Jersey residents like those in Hudson County are coming back stronger than ever. With help from the community and the people who call it home, New Jersey continues to heal.

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