New Year, New Look: Home Decor Trends for 2013

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Home Decor TrendsThe New Year is the ideal time to redecorate your home. Some of the latest hot trends and decorating themes include flashy colors, sepia art and an assortment of patterns and graphics. All of these choices and trends will give you infinite possibilities when redecorating your home.

Breakthrough Colors
Move over tangerine and fuschia, because emerald green is the hot new color to hit the decorating scene. This lush hue is sure to be spotted all over your home from window treatments and throw pillows to bud vases and tablecloths. If an emerald wall is too much for your palette, you can select soft touches of the shade in an ornamental rug or seat cushion.

Roaring 20s Décor Theme
With the popularity of Boardwalk Empire and the latest version of the Great Gatsby hitting the movie screen this summer, the roaring 20s is making a comeback. This great American design is influencing homes by way of wall paper, fixtures, furniture and accessories fashioned from the beautiful Art Deco styles of that era.

Sepia Artwork
For homeowners looking to create a vintage theme of décor, you want to incorporate sepia art into your room. Sepia prints are traditionally tinged brown and represent landscapes, still life and people. Many are familiar with the tint of the picture as it reflects photos from the 19th and early 20th century.

If you have a room filled with antiques, sepia prints or photos would make a great addition to this type of room. Sepia can even improve the quality of a lackluster photo. If you’re looking to give any room in your home person personality by adding something unique, you may want to think about the addition of sepia prints.

Rustic Style
Another popular style for your home includes a more raw approach for your decorating scheme. Furniture and counter tops that showcase stone and natural woods help bring out a rustic look. Baseboards, cabinetry and back splashes can also get in on the action and provide an outdoor feel to your dwelling.

Gone are the days of silver. Brass and gold can now be found oozing onto the decorating scene today. Not only do they portray warmth and glamour, they also mesh well with other colors. Try pairing a gold framed piece of artwork and gold dresser with an ocean blue lamp and solid beige walls. Patterned draperies accenting both colors can round out the room.

Go Graphic
Bold patterns, graphics and stripes are showing up on furniture, floors, walls and accent pieces. Decorating magazines show the intricate graphics and murals on bedroom walls, tables and even dressers. Try easing into this new decorating trend slowly by incorporating stripes and simple patterns first.

Eco-friendly Theme
If you’re looking to create an environmentally friendly decorating theme, you can begin with color. Natural brown, beige and earth tones are warm and inviting. Select recycled materials such as reclaimed furniture and glass for mirrors. Add accent pieces made of bamboo and teak to complete the look.

The latest decorating trends show a variety of bold styles and interesting colors, so you don’t need to stick to the same theme throughout your home. Whatever your style, you need to have fun and just concentrate on making the rooms flow through your color and pattern selection.

Redecorating her home has always been a point of inspiration for freelance writer Nadine Swayne and helps her to offer this article. With the many color, accessory and theme choices for home decor, the combinations are almost infinite! From graphic prints to sepia art, your home decor can reflect your life and visions. Remember, it’s your home and your style!

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