Open Space and Trails Enhance Pride In a Community

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Have you ever seen a TV show or commercial where one neighbor reaches out their window to pass a cup of coffee or share a paper?

Many neighborhoods are designed to appease the homebuilder and stack houses right on top of each other.

Are adding more houses the way to a good community? Or should communities take the less is more approach and build the communities around open spaces and trail systems?

Space Creates Community

There is something that’s in all of us that enjoys a wide-open space. Watching the kids run, ride a bike or sled atop a hill in the winter or listening to the sounds of birds chirping, or viewing wildlife, nothing beats the thought of walking out in your backyard and having the ability to breathe a sigh of relief after a long day. An open space helps generate a sense of freedom from the everyday even though it’s probably just another day. Open space helps create conversation among neighbors. Most of all a community with open space generates exactly that, a sense of community. Neighbors show pride in where they live. Pride in “their open space.” They will work to protect it and neighbors will come together to take ownership of “their” open space.

The Trail to a Good Community

Along with open spaces, trail systems can tie a community together. Trails, either paved or natural can connect parks, schools, pools and more. Families can enjoy an evening stroll or bike ride throughout their community. Trails allow for a safe route for kids to walk to school or meet with friends from within the neighborhood. Trail systems also help promote exercise, and a healthier lifestyle. Families get the urge to get out and explore their community, rather than sitting at home in front of the television. With easy access to parks, pools and other amenities it’s convenient to meet new families with similar interests and to form friendship all creating a better overall sense of community.

Friendly, Healthy, Safe

Ironically, it’s true that building a community with space can provide better community atmosphere than a community that’s jammed packed with homes. Families are inclined to get out and experience the community; it’s convenient to get to parks, pools, schools and other amenities within the community. With open spaces and trail systems throughout the community, members have a sense of pride and come together to take care and protect these spaces and systems building a stronger, healthier, friendlier community.

This is a guest post.  This is a guest post by Bruce Zander on behalf of The Meadows community in Castle Rock, Colorado. The Meadows was developed to sit lightly on the land with open space and amenities to support an active Colorado lifestyle.


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