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Outdoor furnitureThe summer season is the perfect time for people to gather outside.

Bust out the picnic tables, folding chairs, umbrellas, tiki torches, and gather up your best group of pals.

This is the time of year for BBQ’s, get-togethers, and parties. Many people opt to hold these events in their very own backyard.

Picking out the perfect backyard décor and furniture is key to entertaining, and withstanding Mother Nature.

When preparing for your backyard grand opening, consider what types of furniture will be best for living outdoors.

When choosing your backyard decor, there are four main types of furniture to consider: wood, wicker, resin, and metal. These four elements can withstand weather conditions, and each have their own unique benefits.

Take a look at the advantages to each of these types of outdoor furniture:

Wood Furniture

If you love a rustic, natural look then wood furniture is perfect for your décor. All outdoor furniture that’s made of wood must be treated. Always double check the furniture information to make sure wood treatment was applied, and to see how long it will keep your furniture intact.

Wood furniture that is built with stainless steel or zinc plated screws is ideal. This makes tightening the furniture much easier if it becomes loose. Always look for a consistent grain pattern in the wood, as this shows a much higher quality lumber.

Cedar and pressure-treated pine are two of the best types of wood for outdoor use. They can withstand outdoor elements for years. Tropical woods such as Teak and Jarrah are much more costly, but can withstand elements for 50+ years.

These woods must be treated at least once a year to maintain their color and luster.

Wicker Furniture

There are two forms of wicker; regular, and all-weather. Regular wicker is made from vine, cane or bamboo. Because of this, it cannot withstand outdoor conditions, and is better used in enclosed outdoor areas.

All-weather wicker is made from twisted, synthetic fibers and coated with a weather resistant finish. It can withstand rain and damp weather, but it is recommended that it’s not used in long sun exposure. Cleaning is also a cinch, by means of a simple rinse of the hose.

Resin Furniture

Resin or plastic outdoor furniture has many great advantages. It’s low in cost, durable, easy to clean, and portable. There are very little disadvantages to choosing these pieces, except that style and color options are limited.

Fortunately for us, modern day design has heard our cries for upscale resin design. There’s a high demand for affordable yet classy furniture.

Outdoor resin pieces are becoming more eclectic in their color schemes and designs, all while maintaining the same low price. You get designer looks, ease of maintenance, and durability without breaking the bank.

Metal Furniture

The age-old, old faithful design of metal is always a staple choice in outdoor furniture. It’s durable, versatile, comfortable, and affordable. The primary types of metal used for furniture are aluminum and wrought iron.

Aluminum furniture is much more light-weight and easily stackable. Due to the powder coating this metal may need a bit more maintenance in order to stay fresh looking.

Wrought iron furniture is much heavier and much more intricately designed than aluminum. It’s perfect for windy areas, but can be a burden to move. Color choices are also limited in iron furniture, and cushions need to be purchased since they aren’t very comfortable.

Comfortable wicker sofas, contemporary resin folding chairs, and beautiful metal picnic tables are all stylish options when looking to remodel your backyard for hanging out.

When choosing your outdoor furniture, think about your needs, what it will be used for and how often and where you live. It’s easy to maintain a beautiful backyard living space with the right furniture choice.

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