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What comes to mind when you think of the word “Personal”?  Personal problem?  It’s nothing personal? Don’t take it personally? Personal agenda?

The word personal is often attached to cliches meant to dismiss or reduce the impact of negative words or actions.  These cliches clean up the dirty reality of a person’s true intentions.

As a society, we’ve come to accept these and many other phrases as a way to save face,  avoid confrontation and awkward moments, while suppressing hurt feelings.

But should we?  Should we accept words and actions that cut through us?  Merely lick our wounds and sweep the damage under the rug?  Shrug our shoulders with a despondent, it is what it is?  Is this just the way of the world now?

Here’s the thing.  Life is personal.  When careless words are spoken that hurt another human being, it’s personal.  When deliberate actions are taken that damage another human being, it’s personal.  It. Is. Personal.

We all live personal lives, so we do take things personally.

The words compassion, humility, temperance and forgiveness escape far too many of us.  More and more, kindness is met with surprise.

As a race we watch the cruelty of our world, all the while shaking our heads.  We laugh at inappropriate behavior and encourage disrespectful innuendos through our indifference.  We numb our emotions, quietly and desperately awaiting moments of love and courage to awaken our consciousness.  Moments that appeal to our humanity.

We wait for the Victor Cruz’s of the world to visit the family of a young boy, taken before his time. We smile broadly at a hairy man, dressed in a pink tutu to raise money for the disease that plagues his wife.  When we read about an NYC cop buying boots for a homeless man, our eyes well up with tears.

If these moments mean so much to us and remind us of our human connection, why are there so few of them?

Can we witness suffering without empathy?  Is our best only available “in case of emergency”?  For 8.9 on the Richter scale, for Sandy or for planes crashing into buildings?  Can we in one breath speak words of love and in another words of hate?  Where then, is our connection?  Our moment of meaningfulness?

What if…what if we seize those moments in which we can be the modern day heroes?  What if we relinquish our society ingrained self complex?  Life is not just personal for us, but for everyone around us as well.

Isn’t it time to create more moments of warm, fuzzy feelings?  Moments of love, moments of encouragement, moments of support, moments of laughter, moments of integrity, moments of friendship, moments of family, moments of truth.

Life is far too short, not to celebrate and encourage the good.  To brighten others with your unique and special light.  A smile.  An embrace.  A word of encouragement.

I love you.  I value your presence in my life.  You mean so much to me.  Are you ready to use words that strengthens others?  Are you willing to take action that lives up to your words?  Are you you aware that we share this planet as one race?  The human race.

Where will our journey take us when we weave our lives with threads of compassion, good deeds, thoughtfulness and random acts of kindness, with inspiration?

Life will still not be perfect.  But we will have more happiness, more joy, more peace, more contentment, more love.  Does life get more personal than happiness or love?

Here is a thought.  A simple thought.  Learning to look beyond ourselves.  Grasp that opportunity to do the right thing.

It is far easier to love those who love us and to do right for those who do right by us.  However, the true test of character is to show compassion for those who judge and mistreat us.

Here’s some homework.  Pass on your next opportunity to be unkind or grudgeful but seize your next opportunity to be selfless.  Spread compassion by example and always remember that life is as personal as it gets.

In memory of Remus Brice Jr.  The thought of your absence pauses time.


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