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LifeThe idea of preparing for life is something that many of us do without thinking about on a nearly daily basis.

Whether you are planning a short-term goal like taking a vacation with close friends and family, or a long-term goal like what to do when you retire, there is planning involved at almost every step.

As children some of us may have created our plan for life.If we are fortunate enough, we may be able to stick to exactly what we wrote down as the answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

The majority of people, however, will likely create multiple plans throughout their lifetimes.

Quiet Time

Quiet time is an essential component to preparing your plan. Whether you are a new college graduate looking to spread your wings for the first time, or an older adult facing the idea of starting, over you need quiet time.

It is difficult to focus and concentrate when you are surrounded by the distractions of everyday life, so go somewhere that you feel at peace and your mind is more open to all of your thoughts and ideas.

Short Term

As the old saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. When applied to your life plan this means that in order to achieve a large goal you may need to set smaller ones along the way.

For example, if your ultimate life goal is to one day be a rich and powerful CEO who owns multiple homes in exotic locations, there is a lot of work to be done prior to reaching the top of this mountain.

Set smaller goals during your climb- these will not only keep you focused on the prize at the end, but also allow you the satisfaction of achieving something you set out to do along the way.

An example of a short term goal for this situation may be to become an entrepreneur and open your own company.  You can either choose to model yourself after an existing company or you could create something completely in your own image.

Long Term

Long term goals are what keep many people focused on the future, even if the road ahead is full of hurdles. When choosing a long term life goal make sure it is realistic enough that one day it can be achieved.


As you write out your future think about your friendships in the present. Many of your friends will likely support you through your next chapter in life. Some may not so be prepared if faced with that situation.


Your health as well as the health of your loved ones may also play a factor in this planning process. In order to ensure you have the opportunity to achieve the goals you have in mind, you must stay healthy and active.


Perhaps one of the most important factors in any life plan is the financial aspect. After all dreams are not cheap and money doesn’t grow on trees. One source of financing you may consider is to sell annuity payments.

Creating a life plan is like creating a road map to your ultimate goal. Keep it fluid and flexible to ensure the best chance of success.

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