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The clothing industry is one of the most corrupt in the world and anyone in the know will be aware of the exploitation that is involved in the making of many designer clothing labels. One of the best ways to ensure you are most likely to be getting a good quality product, that was ethically made is to buy organic clothing, whether it be organic baby clothing, organic children’s clothing or organic adult’s clothing.

Organic cotton

One of the biggest benefits of organic clothing is how it is grown and cotton of this ilk has to meet some high quality standards that traditional cotton doesn’t. To be classified as ethical cotton the product must not be made with synthetic fertilizers or any herbicides or pesticides. The cotton must also not be genetically modified to be stronger and must receive certification to this effect. For those who want cotton clothing, organic cotton children’s clothes or adult’s clothes are ideal and the increase in the sales of them is increasing each year due to the ethical factors involved.

It’s Cool

Eco-fashion in the shape of organic baby clothing and adult clothing is also quite in at the moment. This makes it a talking point and something that is worn by many celebrities and also endorsed by them too. The significant dark side of clothing manufacturing has meant that many people see it as not only right, but also quite cool to wear and dress their children in this organic baby clothing. This is always going to be a factor with the positive appeal of something, but on the upside it’s a long turn away from the once fashionable fur trade.


The quality of organic clothing is also something that makes it appealing to those looking for clothing for their children and also for themselves. Many of the mass manufactured non-organic forms of cotton use a range of chemicals which can be quite damaging potentially. From dyes and resins to nastier things such as formaldehyde and other chemicals used for processing fabrics there is a lot of additives that can cause reactions in adults and children alike. Organic children’s clothing is a great way to prevent this as it doesn’t use any of these irritants and so doesn’t end up damaging people’s skin.

Amazingly, one of the most disruptive of all the cottons is white cotton thanks to the number of additives to get it that color in the first place. This increases the amount of allergens and irritants in the produce and is a primary factor in why people often have skin issues. For children with problems such as eczema and other skin conditions organic children’s clothing may allow them to comfortably wear items of apparel they never could before.

Organic children’s clothes are a great plus for those with skin issues and also those who just don’t want to be part of an often unethical trade that takes advantage of the less well off.

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