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retirement planTime To Consider Your Options

Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers.

Retirement brings with it the challenge of how to fill your day if you are not working.

Chances are your level of energy remains the same when you retire as when you were working.

If you were active in your working life, slowing down in retirement is not likely.

In fact, your retirement will be as exactly active as you make it, so take some time and plan for activities after you step away from work.

Get The Travel Bug

Among the options for retirees, travel remains high on the list of plans. Some folks plan for yearly exotic destinations while others find plenty of stimulation in exploring their local surroundings.

Boomers tend to think independently, often creating unique itineraries and handling the booking details. However, there is always a range of packages available if you are more inclined to let someone else make the plans.

Additionally, to create a more enjoyable experience, plan your trips to integrate with other interests, such as photography, hiking, and food/wine explorations.

Hobbies Around The Home

Another retirement hobby that many baby boomers adopt is gardening, including growing vegetables as a basis for a healthier diet. Gardening is as simple as nurturing some herbs in your kitchen window or growing potted tomatoes on your patio.

As you gain experience, you can broaden your ambition to include more plants in more space. If space is constrained at your home, you can participate in the process by joining in a community garden.

Sharing an allotment in a community garden is an excellent way to gain experience, get exercise, be social, and reap the harvest all at the same time.

Think About Fitness

Many boomers enjoy an active lifestyle and, therefore, sports and fitness become a focus during retirement. With a more flexible schedule, boomers can squeeze in visits to the gym, the swimming pool, or the soccer field without being as pressed for time or space.

Given this flexibility, there is ample opportunity to enjoy a favorite sport or, better yet, to take up a new activity. Additionally, extensive research supports the thesis that exercise is increasingly important to aging Americans wishing to remain independent and mobile as they age.

Explore Your Roots

In recent years, genealogy has emerged from the back burners of American pastimes to become the #1 hobby. This surge has captured the interest of many baby boomers as well. Researching family history is a popular hobby among boomers.

There is a wealth of resources, both print and digital, available for both the novice and advanced researcher. Active genealogists spend time both at home and on trips uncovering the stories of their ancestors.

This activity includes travel, family gatherings, and a sense of community that invigorates its participants.

Stay Active!

Retirement, for many, is not a time to slow down. Finding meaningful and enriching ways to spend the years of retirement is a critical component of good planning.

The well-planned retirement fills with activities that keep boomers active, engaged with their family and community, and excited about the prospects of the coming years without a full-time job or career. Be sure to consider ways for your retirement to be full of inspiration and engagement.

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