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Summer is here and and vacation is most likely top of mind. Here are some tips to help you plan your summer vacation. A checklist can help you with more then just traveling, making sure you eat right, sleep well and stay safe are important parts of a good trip. These tips will help you do just that and have a blast along the way.

Make Pit Stops
If you are traveling by car and with the family, stopping often is a must do. Not only does it give you a chance to stretch the legs, but you and the family get to explore communities that you may not have otherwise. Stopping for mini breaks is a great way to connect with the family as well.

Drink Lots of Water
Experts suggest that drinking water is essential to having a good vacation. Many people get busy with exploring new places that they forget to enjoy water. Make sure you pack a water bottle and keep it full. If water is something that you don’t enjoy drinking try a flavor such as cucumber or peppermint or drink coconut water. Dehydration is a common side effect of travel and extended vacations, in order to avoid it, drink more water.

Eat an Appetizer
During vacation most often we tend to over eat. Trying new restaurants, and enjoying Wood fire grill pizza is part of the fun of traveling. But we usually end up eating to many calories then our energy is low because we are so full. When you go to new restaurants look at the appetizer menu. Maybe even consider ordering off of the appetizer menu. This will ensure you have a smaller portion. Another trick is to order an appetizer salad or soup before your meal. Recent research shows that people who ate a snack or appetizer prior to meal ate less calories overall. This is because your brain tricks your body into thinking it is full when you munch on food before the meal comes.

Enjoy Happy Hour
When we travel we often eat out more and drink more. It is fun to enjoy happy hour but be careful where you are getting your calories from. A margarita or pina colada has as many calories as a fast food burger. Try to sip on a local favorite drink for an added vacation bonus. Many places have a drink of choice, make sure to ask the bartender or restaurant server what people who live there enjoy drinking. You never know you may discover a great new wine, from a new vineyard.

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