Skills To Master Before Turning 30

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These days, turning thirty is no longer such a massive milestone; you still have most of your life stretching out ahead of you and by that age many people have not yet settled down in terms of partnership, children or a career. Nonetheless, there are certain skills which it is great to have mastered by thirty, showing that you’ve really achieved something with your years on this Earth and setting you up nicely for the years still to come.

Learning to DJ

Although many people will choose to learn an instrument, it is not for everyone and there are plenty of people who still want to express themselves creatively in a different way. For those people, DJing may well be the key. It is a hugely flexible pursuit with many different options and does not necessarily need to be particularly expensive or time-consuming. Despite this, it can still be hugely rewarding – a good DJ will be a hit at any party, as well as having a shot at a different career or at least making some extra money on the side and it allows total indulgence in music and technology.


Nearly everyone owns a digital camera these days, but being a true photographer and being able to capture moments with excellent imagery is still a real skill. As with DJing, it is a great chance to let the creative juices flow but it has a practical application too, in granting the opportunity to document all of life’s experiences with stunning visuals. The initial kit purchase can be expensive but it is certainly worth it when you start producing remarkable photographs.


Cooking really is an activity and a skill that you can’t go wrong with. It is cheap and great fun; it allows you to make delicious food for yourself as well as impress your friends; and it is an integral part of everyday life so it doesn’t need to cut into your free time. There is, of course, a big difference between microwaving a ready meal and knocking up something fresh and original and the latter is not only more rewarding but often healthier and cheaper too. Certainly, cooking is a great skill to have when starting a family, which may come after turning thirty.


By its very definition, this is a very diverse set of skills to master but knowing the basics such as putting up a shelf or mending a dripping tap are key to saving money and helping to maintain any property you own or rent. Your friends will also appreciate having a handyman that they can call on to help them out.

This is a guest post.  Daley has recently passed the 30 milestone and considers himself an oracle of post-30 knowledge. He works with UDMDJ.

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