Smart Goal Setting

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We all have goals.  Big goals, small goals, short term goals and long term goals. How many of us have smart goal setting skills?  When you set out to accomplish a goal, do you create a plan, or do you just go with the flow and let the cards fall where they may?

It all depends on how serious you are about reaching your goals.  Another factor is how important the goals are.  If you have a goal to lose weight this summer, that could be a considered a serious goal.  If perhaps you have a goal to talk less and listen more, this might not be on the top of your priorities list.

There are different kinds of goals for different aspects of your life. You have your personal goals, like drinking more water or getting more rest.  There are goals related to your family life.  Maybe you want to spend more time with your children. At work, you have career goals.  Every goal you have for your life falls into its own little world.  At times, they even cross over.  For example, a personal goal of getting a new career.

Let’s take a look at smart goal setting steps to help you reach your goals.

  1. Write Down Your Goals
    Writing down your goals will keep you focused and on track.  Having a tangible reminder will also encourage you to keep going so post your goals where you can see them.
  1. Be Specific With Your Goals
    Don’t just dream up something random and say that’s your new goal.  Be specific with what you want.  What have you always wanted or needed to accomplish in your life?  What do you believe will add to your happiness?
  1. Set Realistic Goals
    Okay, so a lot of us tend to fall into the unrealistic trap. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am perhaps one of the biggest supporters of positive and optimistic thinking.  However, when we talk about realistic goals, we have to consider the goal, and your individual chances of reaching it.  For example, if you want to get married in a year, that’s a great goal.  It becomes an unrealistic goal if you are not willing to getting out of the house and meet people.
  1. Create a Time Frame to Reach Your Goals
    If you create a goal without some sort of time frame, you can be waiting a long time to reach that goal.  As stated above, be realistic in your goal setting but also push yourself.  Some goals will not come easily, so if you really want them, you will have to try.
  1. Identify Long Term and Short Term Goals
    You will only discourage yourself, if you don’t reach a goal in a practical time frame.  In smart goal setting, you always set goals that are attainable within a reasonable time.
  1. Prioritize Your Goals
    Are your priorities in the right order?  This is a serious and an important question because it will have a major impact in whether or not you accomplish your goals.  If you and your husband are having problems in your marriage, healing your relationship should not fall below coupon clipping for Macy’s summer sales.  Get real.
  1. Be Optimistic About Reaching Your Goals
    If you think you cannot reach your goals, you probably won’t.  If you believe that your goals are attainable and you are committed to succeeding, chances are you will make it.  Remember this one simple rule, you only fail if you quit.  Smart goal setting involves taking stock of your resources, skills, efforts and managing your time.  Being optimistic will get you through the rough patches.  This also, includes removing negative people who will discourage you.

So you see, smart goal setting isn’t difficult.  It just takes a little organization and commitment.  When you set your goals, always, always, believe that you can reach them.  Even if you don’t believe in the whole positive thinking craze, it’s important to visualize the reality of your goals or you won’t look forward to reaching them.

What are some ways you condition yourself to reach your goals?  What are some goals that you’ve set and reached using any of the tips above?


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