Summer Project – Make Small Changes to Improve Your Life!

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The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, birds are signing; summer is well and truly in the air. As the seasons change and nature is coming to life, let’s ask what differences we can all make in our personal and professional lives. Summer of course is the time for weekend barbecues, trips to the beach, and getting away for a week or two.

That’s why the key is small, manageable changes that will fit easily into your life, but can make a real impact from now onwards. Before we know it, we’ll be packing away those picnic sets and beach towels, wondering where the summer went, and what to buy for Christmas. So, make these small changes will ensure you both maximize your summer, and make a lasting impact on your life.

Make Those Plans

Finding yourself day dreaming of long summer evenings spent with friends and family? Watching adverts for wine and wondering why your life isn’t actually like that? In this modern age of social networking, Facebooking and tweeting, we are now able to communicate with all the people we have met throughout our lives. Rather than bringing people together however, research suggests these sites are actually driving friends apart.

Instead of having a long telephone conversation with people and making solid plans, we are only leaving messages on people’s walls, or even just flicking through the photos of their holiday to Spain last year. So, if you want to have a barbecue, a summer party, maybe a game of football or go for coffee with someone, why not call your friends and organize it as a solid date.

It’s always tempting to say ‘we should definitely do that’, ‘I’ll get in touch about it’, or ‘we’ll arrange something’, and never get around to following it through. But, this time, make that call. It will only take a few minutes and not only will it make you more socially active and give you something to look forward to, but it will also solidify that relationship. If you’ve been thinking about someone or something particular whilst reading this, call them and arrange it!

Get Organized

Making solid plans is the first step to doing this. Once you know what you are doing for the summer, you can work out what time you have free to accomplish other tasks. Being organized is a necessary skill not only for helping you de-clutter your house, or figure out your free time, but also in the workplace.

Being able to give solid examples of how you are organized will put you above other applicants for any job. This organization can however start at home. Throw out those old clothes you keep meaning to, or sit in the sunshine and finally compile that holiday scrapbook. When you want a break from the heat, sit in the cool and clean out that shoe cupboard, or create a box system for your cosmetics.

Getting rid of the old leaves you with plenty of room for the new; it allows you to let go off the past, and move on with your future. Getting organized could also involve assessing your life goals: If you have always wanted to find your dream job, what better time of year is there to sit down and work out exactly how you are going to start afresh? The plans of action which you can come up with this summer will have positive repercussions for the rest of the year, and, potentially, the rest of your life.

Go Somewhere New

So everyone has a holiday destination that they like to go to, somewhere they have happy memories and think they are guaranteed a good time. But, why not try somewhere new? By visiting the same places over and over again we don’t allow ourselves any new experiences, which is not healthy.

Exploring more allows us to recapture the excitement of going on holiday, which means we connect more with the world around us and our loved ones. Traveling somewhere you have never been before need not be an expensive task; it does not necessarily mean jetting off to French Polynesia, or the Galapagos Islands.

These are tough times we are facing at the moment, so why not try going somewhere new that is also closer to home. The financial ramifications of this of course you would also feel throughout the year. Moreover, trying new experiences in general will open you up to all kinds of things in your personal and professional life which you have never thought about before. People will see you as go-getter who is not afraid of anything. And who doesn’t want that?

So, try new things, get organized, and make plans with friends; make the most of your summer and reap the benefits all year round! What better time is there to change your life than now.

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Written by Amy Hawkins, who works for Cheap Conservatories – a company providing a price comparison for conservatories across the UK. When she’s not relaxing in her conservatory enjoying the view of her garden, she enjoys blogging and going to the gym (most of the time anyway)!


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