Supporting Local Farms Benefits You, The Community & The Planet

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When most people hear about local organic farms, they usually do not stop to consider the benefits. Many local farms practice organic agricultural methods and although consumers have heard the word used frequently, many are still unsure of its true meaning. The term organic simply means the food is grown naturally and without chemicals. Since very few organic farms send coupons and sale ads to consumers’ mailboxes, local sources do not get the recognition they deserve. However, the number of organic farms is rising steadily. Consider a few of the top benefits of buying locally.

Organic food tastes better. Unfortunately, most individuals have consumed so many foods infused with chemicals that they become accustomed to those tastes. When people switch to organic food, they are usually shocked by how delicious everything is. Some of the top restaurants in the nation serve organic food grown by local sources, and customers leave astounded at how scrumptious the food was. By purchasing food from local farmers, consumers may enjoy those same five-star flavors at home.

Organic food is healthier and better for weight management. Science has proven that nothing good can come from a lifetime of consuming chemicals. Commercial food is pumped full of chemicals to make it grow faster, look a certain color or last longer. These chemicals make it difficult for people who are trying to maintain or lose weight to succeed. Organic foods are recommended by some of the nation’s top nutritionists for people who want to lose or maintain their weight.

Buying from local farmers is better for the environment. From the field to the plate, the average distance commercial food travels is over 1,000 miles. When communities make a commitment to purchase organic food grown by local sources, this greatly reduces the amount of food that must be shipped from other parts of the state, country or world. By reducing shipping needs, fuel consumption is cut. This also means fewer pollutants will be released into the air. If every community in the nation adopted the practice of buying organic goods locally, the cost of fuel would drop.

Buying locally means less waste. When foods are shipped across the country, some items become damaged or spoil. More than 30 percent of what is shipped must be thrown away for these reasons. Many commercial food producers also issue recalls, which means even more waste. Unfortunately, most of the recall issues could be prevented by following better production standards, which organic farms do.

Organic production methods are better. Many organic farms are strictly regulated and thoroughly inspected each year to ensure compliance in production methods. With animals raised organically for food, the slaughtering process is much more clean and humane than the processes used in high-volume traditional slaughterhouses.

Local organic goods are affordable. Some organic foods in supermarkets are expensive, but this is often because they are shipped quickly from other locations. Farmers markets are good places to find organic food grown locally. The prices are affordable for the quality and nutritional value of the goods.

These are just a few of the many benefits of buying from local organic farms. With so many benefits, it seems wasteful not to support local farmers. People who choose to do so make positive contributions to their community, their environment, their society’s economy and their health.


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