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calla-lilliesSymbolic Gifts

When the birthday of a loved one is near there are many appropriate gift choices. Sending flowers is one of the most reliable and most beautiful gift selections. Birthday flower arrangements can include vase arrangements, table arrangements, centerpieces, or cut bouquets.

Many people are also familiar with gifts that incorporate a birthstone: these can range from jewelry to ornamental pieces to accessories.  Many people don’t realize that certain apparel can have the same symbolic significance as other, more traditional gifts.

Flowers and Stones

Flowers with symbolic meanings are often incorporated into Korean shirts.  This offers a unique way for people to express their love for someone.  Apparel that incorporates certain flowers can have the same meaning in Korea as giving the flower itself.

You can use printer yellow rose for a friend, or red roses for a romantic love. Each birthstone and birthstone colors can also be incorporated into Korean outfits to bring good luck and ward off bad luck.

Months and Their Representations

For January birthdays, the birthstone to use is a garnet and the birth flowers in Korea are snowdrops and carnations: these symbolize loyalty, love, and affection.

The month of February has an amethyst stone and can be symbolized by violets and irises: these represent faithfulness, purity, and modesty.

March has an aquamarine birthstone and is represented by daffodils and jonquils: these flowers symbolize cheerfulness, respect, and affection.

The month of April has a diamond for a birthstone, while sweet peas and daisies are the flower for this month: these indicate delicateness.

The month of May is expressed by an Emerald and a Lily of the valley flower: these indicate humility, happiness, and bounty.

The month of June has a moonstone birthstone, and honeysuckles and roses for its flowers: these indicate love, happiness, and friendship.

A ruby stone as well as tulips, water lilies and larkspurs, represent the month of July: these indicate openheartedness and laughter.

August has a peridot birthstone and poppies and gladiolus as the flowers: these indicate purity, love, family happiness, and friendship.

September has a sapphire stone for its birthstone and is represented by morning glories and asters: these indicate shrewdness and clear thinking.

October is represented by an opal birthstone as well as marigolds and calendulas: these symbolize being full of joy and devotion.

A topaz and chrysanthemum represent the month of November: these are indicative of faithfulness, cheerfulness, and compassion.

Lastly, the month of December has a turquoise as the birthstone and narcissus, holly, and orchids flowers: these symbolize success and prosperity.

These symbolic flowers and stones can easily be put into the patterns and design of apparel and accessories to add meaning.

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